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Essential Sweater Weather Must Reads

It’s sweater weather season and of course we all love to wrap up in various sweaters to keep warm! The same goes for books, we all have different ones we are in the mood for! So this post will include a variety of books that is suited for all moods during sweater weather. Whether it be chunky, thin, thick or quick I’ve got you sorted!

Thin Sweater Weather

Sometimes we all just crave a thin easy read and that’s okay! There are a ton of these sort of books out there like the little Prince, classics such as Jane Eyre or even Harry Potter and the philosophers stone! Thin books are great to get out of a reading slump and can be just as enjoyable as any other longer books!

Chunky Sweaters

A nice chunky read where you can’t get enough of the characters and world! A chunky book definitely makes me feel cosy, it’s comforting in a way and perfect for December! This could be the finale of Throne of Glass, Kingdom of Ash. Or it could be books such as the priory of the orange tree or the goldfinch! Although chunky reads might be off putting due to their size, they are worth it once the book has you hooked in! I know it’s not something we might all want to grab out the shelf, sometimes we have to go a little out of our comfort zone!

Quick Sweater Weather Reads

pink sweater, clockwork angle, prince, princess the infernal devices for a quick read

I can’t be the only one who has that one sweater they always reach for if they’ve overslept? Well, here are some book options! Series such as the infernal devices had me flying through the pages, they were just that good! Other books I often reach for or read quite fast in general is just a genre I really love and enjoy reading; YA fantasy! I love thrillers too and mystery murders so One Of Us Is Lying definitely kept me up too! If you’re looking for a quick read maybe go back to the basics and return to a loved genre!

The Thick Sweater

reads for the sweater weather read guide including starfish, the tattooist of Auschwitz and the wicked king

Now this one is multi functional, it keeps you warm, carries a lot of baggage and at times you may be too hot from this sweater and become frustrated. But really you absolutely love this sweater! If that wasn’t that clear, basically the thick sweater is a book which gives you an emotional roller coaster! Any genre can fit into this really! For me books like the tattooist of Auschwitz, the wicked king, starfish have given me exactly this! There are so many other books out there which have impacted me though!

The Turtleneck

13 minutes, six of crows and a pink sweater, open books for sweater weather must read essentials

The sort of book which grabs your attention right away and you’re hooked in. A curse so dark and lonely, six of crows and then there were none, 13 minutes are just a few that I can mention of the top of my head! World building is so important for me as a reader, and sometimes if it doesn’t work out it’s okay to DNF (did not finish) a book! Fantasy and Gothic tend to have incredble world building so I’d recommend heading out to those genres.

I’d love to know what you thought of this post and if you enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed writing it! Is it currently sweater weather where you live? Make sure you check out my ongoing giveaway on Instagram and be sure to check in with yesterdays blogmas post and tomorrows too!

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