About Me

Hi, and welcome to my internet bubble! I have always been eager to share my thoughts with others, so a blog was the perfect solution.

I’ve been a bookworm (dragon) since I was a child. I always thought that there wasn’t many people who adored reading as much as I do. But then I started this blog on a whim, uploaded my first picture on my bookstagram account and realised there is a whole community of book nerds like me!

Here at Miss Maddy Chats, you’ll find that I’ll talk (ramble, really) about diverse books, new releases and of course, discussing what’s new within the book community. I have a passion for many hobbies. I’ll occasionally drop a mental health, stationery or movie themed post.

If you’re curious about my reading preferences then my Review Policy should help! Head on over to my Contact Me page if you’re interested in working with me. There is a lot of hard work and effort behind the scenes of my blog, so I will charge for collaborations on my bookstagram and blog.

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