Review Policy

I (Maddy) am happy to accept books to review! Please read the following on my review policy.

To get in touch, email me at

My Policy

To request a review, you understand that I am obligated to write my honest opinion.

If a book is poorly edited, or does not interest me, I reserve the right to decline a review.

My preference is a printed copy of your book, but I will occasionally accept eBooks.

I will post a review within 2 months of receiving the book.

My Favourite Plots:








Heroic Acts

What else can I do for you?

I am able to offer:

Dedicated blog posts at a cost.

Instagram content at a cost.

Hosting giveaways with author/ publishers with provided material.

Where I share my thoughts?

MissMaddyChats website


Instagram feed and stories

Facebook Page



Unfortunately, I cannot accept every request to review a book. If you have not heard from me within a matter of time, please assume that I am unable to accept your book request at that time. However, I do consider all emails I receive.

These guidelines are thorough, so that they can help you and I to work together productively and successfully.