270+ Books By Black Authors

Books by black authors lists, graphics and posts have been circulating all over social media. It’s great that we’re bringing as much awareness as we can for black lives matter. It’s never too late to start educating yourself. And so as I came across all of these amazing books recommended by so many of us allies, I realised that I wanted to do my part too. It was a little frustrating taking screenshots and making lists on my notes, so I’ve decided to put them all on to one google docs.

Information About The Document

I contemplated letting people add on to the document, however the cons outweighed the pros. If you would like to add a book on to the document, then by all means message me over on Instagram or Twitter. Or email me too at missmaddychats@gmail.com. I want this to eventually have more then 270+ books by black authors. Their work should be recognised and it’s sad that it’s taken a whole movement for us to realise.

The document contains other resources such as links to petitions, donations and articles to help educate ourselves more. Again, if you find some links which you think prove useful, let me know! I want to do all I can to help this movement.

Other Diverse Posts

On my blog I have made it my goal to include diversity in my posts. There is still so much more that I can do and I hope that I’ll be able to spread this message across all of my social media platforms.

Racism has always existed and I don’t think I’ve ever met a person of colour who hasn’t had an experience with it. What’s happening right now is absolutely disgusting, but I’m so proud that the whole world has united to stand against the injustice black people experience time and time again.

Here’s the link to the document:


8 thoughts on “270+ Books By Black Authors

  1. Thank you for putting together this blog post and list! I have been trying to go through all my screenshots for days and it’s quite overwhelming, so this will definitely help!✨

    1. Aw thank you for reading! And yess I agree, it was so hard trying to group them all together so I figured a list would do best!

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