3 Books For Teens Adults Will Love

I am featuring 3 books aimed for teens but I am sure adults will love! There are many books I have read in the past where I think that people of all ages should read them! For example, Harry Potter is a favourite loved by many! I also think these books are a little underrated so that’s more of a reason to check them out! If you want more recommendations, my post 3 Underrated Summer Reads 2019 should help you out!

1. Books Including Teens With Superpowers! The Medusa Project

The Medusa Project include 6 books in the series offering action packed plots with relatable characters adults will adore! Sophie Mckenzie is a fantastic author and I am a huge fan of her other works, Split Second! Although the writing is more on the simplistic side, the sci-fi plot was well developed and each character has a distinct personality. As readers progress through the books, the plot becomes even better and more intricate! Overall, this series is an enjoyable read and I wouldn’t mind seeing the plot be brought to life either on a TV show or a movie!

2. A Magical Modern World: Potion Diaries Trilogy

This trilogy is a lighthearted fantasy read with a strong female lead who is cunning and resourceful. We follow Samantha on a chase to find ingredients to help cure a ridiculous mishap with the Princess which adds to the fun aspect to the story line. In addition, adults may like the modern fantasy world that is continued in the next two books. However, the writing is aimed towards younger teens. I’m a fan of the fairy tale vibes added in as this book had all sorts of things such as mermaids and unicorns! The characters are developed in the next two books, but it is still an enjoyable read!

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3. Mysterious And Peculiar: Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children

Although these books have mixed reviews, I enjoyed reading them and have spoken to some teens and adults who liked the trilogy! I love a bit of Historical Fiction, so this book already grabbed my attention due to the plot! World War II is often mentioned in this book and it doesn’t come across as boring. Jacob’s point of view is touching and authentic, so I didn’t really mind the slow pace of the book. The strange, vintage photographs add to the book and definitely helps set the scene more too!

I hope you found this post helpful and let me know if you have ever read any of these books or if I have convinced you to add them on your to be read list! I love finding new reads whether they be underrated or talked about within the book community. As a blogger I often struggle to come up with content ideas that my readers will love! So if you have any post ideas or even questions pop them in the comments down below or contact me on any of my social medias!

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