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A Good Girl’s Guide To Murder By Holly Jackson: Book Review

A Good Girl’s Guide To Murder is a YA mystery featuring seventeen year old Pippa. She studies a murder case which happened five years ago for her EPQ. A small town murder which has more to the surface.

Warning, trigger warnings may contain spoilers:

trigger warnings: rape, drug use, death of a pet, kidnapping


Pippa Fitz- Amobbi is a girl who likes homework way too much for her own good. Her project on finding the true murderer of Andie Bell seems to take over her life unexpectedly as she unravels the truth with suspected murderer’s brother Ravi. Ravi’s brother Sal Singh was Andie’s boyfriend and committed suicide before admitting to the murder of Andie. Although the evidence seems to pinpoint Sal, Pippa is determined to bring justice to Sal and his family.

Plot of A Good Girl’s Guide To Murder

I imagine the audiobook of this book is amazing. I loved the setup of this book with phone calls, journal entries, interviews and more. It made me feel completely immersed in the book. Definitely made the book exhilarating.

Although to some it may seem unrealistic that a seventeen year old is able to find plot holes in this murder case, Pippa approaches the case in a way police wouldn’t. I loved how there was information revealed in each chapter and the book never seemed slow paced. Holly Jackson leads readers to believe one thing and the next thing you know a plot twist hits you. I seriously had my mouth agape reading some chapters! With thrillers, I find that I can never fully rate it five stars due to me predicting plot twists. However, this is absolutely not the case for this book! Considering I binged it in a sitting and finished it in the early hours of the morning, I’d say this isn’t the case for A Good Girl’s Guide To Murder.


Pippa is such a relatable character! I found myself laughing aloud despite the serious circumstances. Perhaps it was the British humour or maybe it’s her wit and chemistry with the other characters. Speaking of which, I liked how we got to learn about her friendships and in general school life, it all ended up coming full circle too! I never doubted that this might’ve been unrealistic, her intelligence made her solving the case with Ravi sound plausible.

Also, I loved Ravi’s character too! Him and Pippa bounced off each other and the blossoming romance between them was so subtle too. I liked how it didn’t take away from the major plot whatsoever. The fact that Ravi is the younger brother of the supposed murderer Sal, was definitely an interesting dynamic. As a reader, it made this journey feel more intense as Pippa took the case so seriously to the point she was even in danger.


If you couldn’t tell from my gushing, I loved this book! If you want to read more reviews from the thriller genre, be sure to check it out here. As a fan of YA, this was executed so well. However, I do think that readers who don’t usually read YA might not enjoy this book as much. I’d still recommend it, you might surprise yourself.

If you’ve read this book, I’d love to know your thoughts! Or are you planning to? I usually have updates on my current reads over on bookstagram because I’m still so behind on reviews. But considering I read this in a day and then the next I wrote my review, I’d say this book is so good it motivated me to be back on track.

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