Book Review: Clockwork Prince By Cassandra Clare

I have done a review on Clockwork Angel, which is the first book in this trilogy so I’d recommend you read that post first for no spoilers! This book definitely focuses on character development and it was really enjoyable to read too! The hunt for the Magister continues. The excitement as well as danger increases as the plot thickens. Cassandra Clare has crafted this well and has once again put readers in an emotional state.


Tessa Gray is just trying to find out her past as she tries to find her place in this newfound world. The poor girl has literally been handed puzzle pieces and now she must try to complete it with no information at all. I like how she has been developed into an independent character, no longer shocked at most things. I enjoyed reading about her thought process when it came to relationships too. As a reader I felt sympathy for her as she is still grieving her brother on top of these problems.

Will Herondale is honestly one of my favourite characters. His demon pox theory is hilarious, and he has so much depth! He is portrayed as a damaged character and readers understand why he’s a reserved person. His relationship with Magnus was one of the best, almost like a father and son duo. I liked how readers could understand him more as he becomes more open throughout the book. Plus, who doesn’t like a boy who likes to read?

Jem’s love for Tessa is so sweet and raw. I can see the appeal to him too and can understand his character more as his caring traits come through. Honestly, it’s horrible to read about his condition and I think that in a way Cassandra Clare has portrayed it similarly to cancer. There’s no cure and he can only feel better for a bit before becoming too tired. I like how readers have seen a strong side of him, where he won’t ever give up on his beliefs.

Charlotte and Henry remind me of Molly and Arthur Weasley so much! They both see each other as an equal and are such lovely characters! I’m also happy that for once Henry’s inventions worked!

Jessamine isn’t exactly the best character, however you can’t help but feel a little sympathy for her. She desperately doesn’t want to be a shadowhunter but by expressing her views she can sometimes hurts loved ones.

Sophie and Gideon are so cute! I love the chemistry between them and how as a reader I got to know them better too! They both become their own person and I can’t wait for some more fluffy scenes with them in the third book!


This book isn’t as fast paced as the first book, but I appreciated getting to know characters more and the depth of them. There isn’t as much action and I did actually want a bit more! However, the third book has a good mix of character development, action and a good plot line! I’ll have more thoughts on the last book in another upcoming review!

I’ve really enjoyed reading this series as I have never gotten bored of the books! Cassandra Clare is one of my favourite authors and I’m definitely looking forward to reading some of her other works too!

I’d love to know if you agree with my thoughts on this post too! Let me know if you’ve read this trilogy or any of Cassandra Clare’s books!

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  1. I love Cassandra Clare’s books, and I’ve read all of the books in the Shadowhunters world, but it’s been a while since I’ve read TID… This article reminds me that it’s time for a re-read😂

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