baking treats inspired by books and tv shows (harry potter) blogmas

Essential Tips To Get Baked Treats Inspired By Books And TV Shows

Baked treats always get me in the cosy mood, they’re great to snack on and can also be really cute homemade gifts! These are inspired by my favourite books and TV shows. Plus they are perfect to help you feel festive, especially if you might have a Christmas inspired design!

Baked Treats By Me

So just to note this is not a food blog and I’m certainly not a professional baker, so if you’re looking for baking tips I’m not the place to go to! Also, I know these definitely have that homemade vibe which I love, but if you don’t I understand!

For Those Potterhead Lovers: Baked Treats

Now I am definitely not the best baker or designers, Pinterest gave me a helping hand with this one! These two are inspired by Harry’s signature glasses and the deathly hallows triangle too! Harry Potter fans will definitely appreciate the efforts, even if they don’t look perfect! Homemade gifts are the best, but I also love to treat myself now and then. These were relaxing to make and could be an activity in itself!

baking treats inspired by books and tv shows (harry potter) blogmas

The Upside Down Treats, they taste good?

Stranger things fans will immediately recognise the reference to the upside down. But if you don’t, it’s a reference to the first season and the lights that Joyce Byers uses to find Will. I also like how although it’s seen as an unpleasant place, these cupcakes are pretty much the opposite! From this picture, you can definitely tell I’m not the best and decorating, but what would be the fun if everything was perfect?

baking treats inspired by books and tv shows (stranger things) blogmas

Gilmore Girls Is Still In Our Hearts

So I’m hoping that I wasn’t the only one who binge watched this entire series! I know so many people who are obsessed with Gilmore girls, including me so I had to make these! The show puts me in the cosy mood for sure and again, my decorating isn’t the best but I’d like to think that my fangirling shines through anyway. There are so many designs I had in mind for this one, especially the signature Luke’s Diner logo. However, I did try and let’s just say the only thing that you could make out was my writing. But, if you’re planning on baking these with someone else a lot of fun can be made out of this! Plus, having an imperfect cupcake serves for some memories you probably won’t forget.

baking treats inspired by books and tv shows (gilmore girls) blogmas

I hope you all enjoyed this post and be sure to check in with my previous blogmas posts as well as tomorrows which will be all about my favourite books and TV shows for this winter! Also, if I have a post over on my Instagram which will give you an insight to my other blogmas posts as well as a giveaway! I’d love to know your thoughts on this! Do you have a favourite and are you a fan of these books and shows I picked?

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