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Jan-Jun Diverse Book Releases 2021| Free Notion Template

With 185 books, the Diverse Book Releases 2021 Notion database, is a starter pack to diversify your reading. Inspired by ShutUpShealea who posted an amazing Asian Authors Notion spreadsheet, I wanted to do the same but just for diversity in general!

I realise that for some, finding diverse books isn’t easily accesible. So having a spreadsheet where it can all be in one place seemed the best of ideas! Plus, an excuse for me to make a Notion template (they’re so satisfying to make)!

I’d appreciate that this database isn’t misused or stolen, please give credit when due! Putting it all together has taken me the whole month of January and I wouldn’t want my hard work to go down the drain.

Also, I’m happy to create a Notion database for diverse book releases in the later half of 2021, I just need to hear that everyone else wants that too 😉

Important Info About The Diverse Book Releases 2021 Database

  • Categories include Disability & Neurodiversity, Race & Ethnicity, LGBT+, Mental Health & Illness and Other. If a book’s content includes themes or characters that fit these categories, then it’ll be marked so. I went by the shelves people marked on Goodreads as well as the book announcement, book synopsis/blurb and the author’s bio, so this might not be 100% accurate.
  • I haven’t read these books and so I can’t recommend them all, nor can I predict whether these books or the authors are problematic.
  • However, I do understand that some authors may feel that they don’t need to be on this list, or if a book/author is hurtful, then I will remove them from the database.

I hope you all find this useful! To hear more about my diverse recommendations, be sure to follow me on my bookstagram and twitter!


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