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Star Daughter By Shveta Thakrar: Review And Book Recommendations!

Star Daughter By Shveta Thakrar is a contemporary fantasy blended with Hindu mythology and Desi culture. This is my stop for the Hear Our Voices blog tour and I’ll be including a #ownvoice reflection and book recommendations in this review!

Introduction To Star Daughter

Sheetal is half mortal, half star. She lives a semi normal teenage life, but it’s clear that the calling of the stars are calling her. When her father falls ill, Sheetal enlists the help of her star mother. However, rules are set and Sheetal finds herself in a competition where she must win if she wants to return to Earth.

Plot And Characters

I adored the world building of this book! I thought that it was so unique and Thakrar’s beautiful prose made this book so binegable! The courts sounded so dreamy and I had envisioned such clear imagery.

I haven’t read many contemporary fantasy books and whilst this was a little predictable, I had such a fun time reading Star Daughter. The plot included politics, family disagreements and just finding yourself too. I felt that the family issues were realistic and represented what many of us Desi people have experienced.

I loved the chemistry between Sheetal and Dev, I definitely shipped them throughout the book. Although their miscommunication was frustrating, I think it was realistic given their ages. I also liked how there are so many tropes I love in this book! Morally grey, supportive best friend, “forbidden” love, there was even a sapphic romance!

#Own Voice Reflection

What I love most about Star Daughter, is how much I could relate to it. Foods which I have grown up eating, Hindu mythology which I was taught about, heck even family politics in which children are always compared to one another. It was such a heartwarming read.


Overall, I enjoyed reading this book a lot! I wish it wasn’t a standalone so that the ending could have been built upon more and even the characters could be more developed. So I’d rate this 4 stars! I’m sure other readers will agree with me in, I can’t wait to see what Shveta Thakrar releases next.

If You Loved… Then You’ll Love Star Daughter

I often struggle to see if I’ll enjoy a book, especially if it’s newly released. So I’m sharing some books which I think have similar elements to Star Daughter!

Spin The Dawn By Elizabeth Lim

This book might be one of my favourites from this year. With vibrant descriptions of East Asian culture and a sweet romance, I definitely got the same vibes from Star Daughter too! I have written a review on this duology, you can read them both here and here.

Hunted By The Sky By Tanz Bhathena

A book inspired by medieval India whilst delving into the subjects of discrimination, class struggles and romance. For more of my thoughts on this book, my full review is here.

Strange The Dreamer By Laini Taylor

Although I haven’t read this book, fellow bookstagram and blogger friends who have read both Strange The Dreamer and Star Daughter say they have similar vibes!

I’ve had so much fun writing this blog post, and thank you Hear Our Voices for allowing me to be a part of this tour! I’d love to know if I have convinced any of you to read this book, oh and your thoughts on the other books I have mentioned too 😉

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