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The Court Of Miracles By Kester Grant: Book Review

The Court Of Miracles is a historical fiction fantasy inspired book and it has been described as Les Misérables meets Six of Crows. A recent diverse release.

I’d like to thank Netgalley and the publisher for providing me this E-arc for an honest review.

Introduction To The Court Of Miracles

I was instantly interested from the first line of the blurb. Being compared to six of crows, I was intrigued as a heist book is definitely up my alley. Although I found there wasn’t much resemblance to six of crows, I did enjoy the character of Nina. She is a member of the Thieves Guild and cares deeply for her sister Ettie. Tough choices are called when she might have to sacrifice her sister in order to prevent a war.

The Plot

Written in first person, this is such a fast paced book. At times I appreciated it as I was able to fly through the book, however a lot of the time, it felt rushed and could have been developed more. Due to it being in first person, we didn’t get much insight on other characters. I also felt that it was hard to get into due to the jerky time jumps and in general meant it didn’t flow. However the writing style of this book was amazing and I wish I could have enjoyed it more.

The Characters

Nina was a likable character but I just thought that whatever circumstance or situation she got into, she could easily get out of it without any consequences. I would have loved for this book to either have no love interest and focus on developing Nina’s character, or have one love interest in which their relationship can grow. I didn’t enjoy that whenever Nina interacted with a male, there was instant attraction and it was never clear who she actually had feelings towards.

Now although this didn’t have any aspects of six of crows in my opinion, it definitely had the Les Misérables vibes. But I found that whilst I could see the roles these characters played from knowing Les Misérables previously, it wasn’t made clear in the book.

Conclusion of The Court Of Miracles

Overall, I’d rate this 3 stars. There were a lot of aspects which I did enjoy, but ultimately the plot fell short and so did underdeveloped characters. If you’re a fan of Les Misérables then perhaps consider picking up this book. For more reviews and thoughts, you can find me over on bookstagram and Goodreads.

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