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The Wedding Party By Jasmine Guillory: Book Review

The Wedding Party is a romance/chick lit book! It focuses on the trope enemies to lovers, whilst also discussing other matters such as friendships, relationships and finding yourself.

Introduction To The Wedding Party

Maddie and Theo are best friends with Alexa. Although that doesn’t mean the two of them are the best of friends too. But it’s clear they’re attracted to each other and with Alexa’s wedding approaching and the possibility of seeing each other more often, a lowkey hook up should be fine. Except there’s the possibility of falling in love.

The Plot Of The Wedding Party

The first 50 pages was a strong start to the book. The reason Maddie and Theo hated each other was quite clear and the plot began to reveal more about their jobs and personality. As much as I enjoyed this book due to it being light and easy to read, at times it was repetitive. Mainly because there weren’t many issues keeping Theo and Maddie together a part from Alexa. But they had great chemistry and I loved their dialogue a lot!

Characters Of The Wedding Party

Maddie was fierce and knows exactly what she wants. Her job as a stylist was so intriguing and I wish we got to know more about that. But readers got to see both Maddie and Theo grow and glow up their personalities..

Theo works with Alexa in the office and so Maddie thinks of him as boring.Beneath the surface, Theo is smart and sweet, most definitely a softie!

I did think there reasons to hate each other wasn’t that strong of a foundation to begin with, there could have been more depth to it!

Conclusion Of The Wedding Party

Probably one of the shortest reviews I’ve written and it’s because there’s nothing much for me to say! I’d definitely recommend reading this book if you’re in a slump and looking for something light, cute and easy to read. Overall, a 3.5 star rating. In the future, I would love to read more of Jasmine Guillory’s books if I’m ever in need of a sweet book!

I’d love to know your thoughts on this book! I don’t read romance as much as other genres, so recommend me your favourites too! My last review was The Black Kids and for more of my bookish opinions, you can find me on bookstagram and twitter!

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