Elemental power featured on an open page book. A review on the sequel of young power by missmaddychats

YA Fantasy, Greek Mythology: Elemental Power Book Review

This book is a fantasy inspired by Greek mythology , fans of Percy Jackson will love this! I was given this ARC for my honest review.

First off, this is a sequel to the book young power! Go and check out that review first if you don’t want be spoiled! Also from there, I have a meet the author blog post, I got to ask some interesting questions! Check it out here.


Readers are placed in a familiar setting and protagonist Olivia Monaco’s favourite place, a coffee shop! I loved the introduction and the whole thrill of starting a new school year, despite dangers that lurked. A routine is quickly set and at first I didn’t mind it, however I felt like it took a couple of chapters for the action to replace filler chapters.

Elemental power featured on an open page book. A review on the sequel of young power by missmaddychats

The Plot: Greek Mythology Stories, Relationships And More

Although it took a while to get into the action, I loved the interpretation of Greek mythology stories! Mix that in with a little bit of powers, now that’s cool! I thought it was a little predictable, and I could definitely see the Harry Potter inspiration come through with a Pandora’s box story.

However, I liked getting to know more about the two sides: Pure Gods and Dark Gods. It was interesting to read about this society with its social hierarchy along with Liv finding out more about this newfound world and researching to help with the War. Narrative voice was pretty clear! I definitely feel like in this book I got to understand her more as a character.

Elemental power featured on an open page book. A review on the sequel of young power by missmaddychats


As new characters meet old, there is a lot to talk about here! Main characters Liv and Hayden, had a lot of development during this book!

Hayden at the start and even in the middle of the book a little, irritated me. Mainly because I felt like Liv was putting more effort into the relationship and he kind of became comfortable knowing that she was always there for him. However, the development of his character was good and I liked how his mindset changed about supposedly evil Dark Gods due to Liv’s persuasion.

I love Liv in this book even more then the first. She definitely became her own person without being under the influence of others. She was admirable in what she did to protect loved ones. Her choice to get to know the Dark Gods made the book a lot more interesting, and the interactions between newfound friendships was amazing!

With new characters being introduced, I would’ve loved for them to have a little more depth and have more of a role rather then beinf new friends she has made


Overall, this book was great despite minor issues! The book will be releaseed on the 15th October and I’d highly recommend checking out the author’s Instagram and mine 😉 for more information and of course all things books! Another blog should be up this Sunday all about bookstagram, be sure to check back in for that post!

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