3 Tips To find Time To Read In Exam Season

3 Tips To Find Time To Read In Exam Season. Exams are literally the worst. All of the stress, the crammed revision and the meltdowns we endure just to get a decent grade. Reading a book doesn’t even come to my mind as I busy myself with revision. But I realise that, yes it’s important to revise for a test, if I didn’t revise I probably wouldn’t even think I’d pass my exams, but what’s also important is finding time for yourself and hobbies. For me its reading and in this post I’m going to share some tips about how I balance school work with personal life.

1. Find time; make time

I’ve always wished that if only I could stop time. Unfortunately I can’t, so I have to create some time do things I enjoy. Whether it is after an hour of revision and I only read for half an hour on breaks, at least it’s better than nothing. Use your breaks to your advantage and instead of scrolling through social media, read some chapters. For me, going on social media means that I spend more than half an hour on it and I end up procrastinating way more than I should. I find that reading helps me stick to the half an hour break I promised myself and soon enough I’ve read a few chapters and enjoyed myself. Whereas if I was on YouTube I’d probably have watched two videos and thought that it wasn’t enough for my break. Find what works for you and somehow fit it in a busy schedule.

2. When It’s Exam Season We Need Time To Relax

Reading has been proven to help have a good night’s sleep, so if you can’t manage time to read during the day, reading before you go to bed may be better. As well as it benefiting me by providing a well rested sleep, I also find that reading is relaxing after a hard day of revision. Being able to just sit in bed and read for a while and not worry about that endless to do list is one of the best feelings. I think we can all agree that being immersed in a whole new world to forget about our troubles is therapeutic and to be honest it doesn’t cost much. I’m not sure about anyone else, but reading seems to do the same job as a nice trip to the spa might do.

3. Find ways To Read

If you still somehow can’t manage to read, I would say try and read a chapter on your commute to school, work etc. Although a lot of the times on the day of an exam I tend to go over my revision notes, sometimes I can arrive early and there’s time to read a book. However, this might not work for everyone as I know some may be too stressed on the day of their exam to even think about reading. If not, audio books can also be something else to consider. Maybe if you take the bus or train to school/work you could listen to a book on your walk and once you get inside that’s when you could start reading over revision notes. At the end of the day, having all these tips may help but if you really want to do something, you’ll make time for it.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this post and that these tips may be helpful for you! Exam season is always stressful, but as long as you know that you tried your best then that’s all that matters. I’d love to hear your thoughts more on this topic, so let me know! Comment below or tell me on any other social media platforms! And if you’d like some book recommendations check out my latest review on Ready Player One here.

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