Cheap and Free Kindle Books I’d Recommend


I’m a bookworm and I’ve mentioned that quite a few times on this blog if you didn’t know already. But, I’m also just a broke student who wants to read enjoyable stories that are cheap. Usually, I look at Amazon EBooks as there is a wide variety of books to choose from. It’s also a bonus that they’re usually under £5. So, I’ve put together a cheap and free kindle books I’d recommend list in hopes to give some recognition to amazing authors and of course to help all of you find relatively cheap books. A lot of these may be fantasy; however there are some which will be contemporary and historical fiction as well. If you’re looking for some fantasy reads then my review on A Court Of Thorns And Roses could be useful!

1.Kindle Book Relentless series by Karen Lynch

I actually downloaded the first book for free and the book didn’t disappoint. Although the blurb honestly sounds like your typical, cringe worthy fantasy book where the girl is clueless about everything and suddenly she develops powers, it’s definitely not like that at all. I love how different it is, the author introduced a race of her own and it’s intriguing for sure! All of the characters are well developed and there are spin offs that are also so good as well! I’d recommend it and considering I’ve also reread this series, I would say it’s a good buy. Continue reading “Cheap and Free Kindle Books I’d Recommend”

Young Power Series Review

Introduction A review on a newly released fantasy and Greek mythology book, Young Power which will soon be a series. Fantasy has always been my favourite genre so when I heard of this newly released book, Young Power and the author (Andrea Blythe Liebman) sent me the eBook I knew I had to review it after that. I always will be honest with reviews and … Continue reading Young Power Series Review

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Daisy Jones and the Six: Book Review

I decided to give this book after all the hype I had seen basically everywhere. I wasn’t disappointed although if it wasn’t for the hype maybe I would’ve liked the book even more than I already do. The style of writing is completely different to what I’m used to reading as it told the story as if it was a documentary. At first I found … Continue reading Daisy Jones and the Six: Book Review

Top 5 stationary items for revision!

There are 3 types of learners which are the most common: Visual, auditory and kinaesthetic. My top 5 stationary items can hopefully benefit any learner! 1.Flashcards Flashcards have many benefits. I think I am a mix of a visual and auditory learner. Flashcards can let me see everything in one order and they even help to memorise notes. Such as repeating my notes out loud … Continue reading Top 5 stationary items for revision!