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I’m a bookworm and I’ve mentioned that quite a few times on this blog if you didn’t know already. But, I’m also just a broke student who wants to read enjoyable stories that are cheap. Usually, I look at Amazon EBooks as there is a wide variety of books to choose from. It’s also a bonus that they’re usually under £5. So, I’ve put together a cheap and free kindle books I’d recommend list in hopes to give some recognition to amazing authors and of course to help all of you find relatively cheap books. A lot of these may be fantasy; however there are some which will be contemporary and historical fiction as well. If you’re looking for some fantasy reads then my review on A Court Of Thorns And Roses could be useful!

1.Kindle Book Relentless series by Karen Lynch

I actually downloaded the first book for free and the book didn’t disappoint. Although the blurb honestly sounds like your typical, cringe worthy fantasy book where the girl is clueless about everything and suddenly she develops powers, it’s definitely not like that at all. I love how different it is, the author introduced a race of her own and it’s intriguing for sure! All of the characters are well developed and there are spin offs that are also so good as well! I’d recommend it and considering I’ve also reread this series, I would say it’s a good buy.2.Moxie by Jennifer Mathieu

A YA feminist book that everyone needs to read! This book is one of my favourites and it’s focused on sexism, feminism and spreads a message that your voice can be heard even when you feel like you can’t make a difference. The main character Viv, is relatable and is so passionate about what she believes in, even if she feels insecure like the next person would. I love how a boy Seth learned what the true meaning of feminism was and even suggested to Viv to help educate the boys in her school as feminism does not mean women want to take over the world. What I also appreciated in this book is that the author highlighted the fact that some have it worse than others, white women privileges. It put into light that there are many who have a bigger disadvantage in society. The feminism in this book is everything and I highly recommend it.

3.The Tattooist of Auschwitz by Heather Morris

I have always been a fan of historical fiction despite at times it being quite heavy. This books has made its way to my to be read list, however I’m vouching for it as I have got recommended it so many times! Currently on kindle it is £3.32, however the paperback is only £4.50 so you may as well pay the extra penny to hold the book in your hands. I like how the author added the element of romance as during this time darkness and misery is all around. It really proves that light can be found in dark situations.

4. Darkness Of Light by Stacy Marie Brown

This is another fantasy book selling at £0.99 on Kindle currently. This series is amazing full of plot twists and featuring cool races like the Fae. The story is well built and immediately jumps into the action and is fast paced, so I really enjoyed the overall story line. It’s original and the dialogue is realistic too and I liked how main character Ember acts out of her own fears which results in bravery. There are 3 other books in this series, all amazing and as well as that the author has some spin offs from the well developed characters from this series too.

I have a couple more I’d like to recommend but this post would be too long due to me just describing everything in detail. I’d love to know if you’ve read any of these books or if I have convinced you to read them now!


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