Book To Movie Adaptations I’m A Fan Of

Here’s my list of Book To Movie Adaptations I’m A Fan Of. As much as I love going to the cinema and watching a great film, I don’t enjoy going to the cinema and watching a film that has practically butchered the original books plot. So I decided that although there isn’t many, there are some films that did a pretty decent job portraying the plot from the book to the screen.

I think we can all remember that time when dystopian fiction was huge as well as fantasy in general. In my opinion, some films at the time were amazing, but looking back I really don’t see what the appeal was to some (cough, cough, Twilight, no tea, no shade). However, there are some which we can all agree are films that we can always go back to like Harry Potter and The Hunger Games.

1.Harry Potter

A series loved by people of all ages I think we can all agree on how big it has become! Harry Potter has probably connected so many people out there, I know some who just ask what Hogwarts House you’re in and then all of a sudden you’ve bonded and are now besties. It’s amazing what the power of words have done; it created amazing movies and even has its own world in Universal Studios. Although, I did think that the movies are great, they missed out scenes in the book which were important to readers. But, that’s always going to happen when it comes to movie adaptations as they have to fit a whole novel into two hours.

2. The Hunger Games

What a series! Although the movies kind of glamorises what they are actually like, they are still such good films. Not only does it have a good plot, it teaches the audience that the world isn’t black and white with the many sacrifices and trust issues humans face. Some even say that it’s a message about what the world could really turn out to be in the future, the thought alone is pretty terrifying. Knowledge can be gained from a lot of books, The Hunger Games being one of them.

3. Ready Player One

The book was full of so much detail and research and I found it enjoyable to read about all of these quirky facts that the author fit in about the 80s pop culture. However, the movie disappointed me despite it having five star ratings. It was a great visual, great dialogue, but not a great plot. I could be bitter as I read the book the day before the film as I’m one to stick to the moral “the book was better” so that I could compare the book to the film. It followed the books plot vaguely and all of the exciting plot twists that I was looking forward to come alive in the film, never came. Although I didn’t like the fact that the intricate plot was changed, I still thought the film was fantastic, so it has made it on this list. If you want to hear more on my thoughts about the books then check out Find A Good Read :Ready Player One Book Review here.

There are so many others that are on this list for me like To Kill A Mockingbird, Fight Club, Percy Jackson and honestly the list could go on. From this list I’m still yet to either read the book or watch the films. I would still love to go into detail with these, so if you want a part two I’m down for that. But, I’ll keep it short and sweet. I’d love to know your thoughts on this blog post and please don’t tell me I’m the only one who sticks to the moral the book was better”.

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