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It seems like it’s been a hot minute since I’ve done a review as the last one I did was The Assassin’s Blade! Recently, I read the book Ready Player One and decided to do a review on it as I loved it so much! This book was definitely a good find too and I would recommend it.

First of all, this review will be on the book only and if you want to read my thoughts about the film then check out Books to Movies Adaptations I’m A Fan Of!


I can’t imagine how much research Ernest Cline did for this book. There was so much information about the 80s and although at times, it felt like he was dropping facts every other sentence, I still enjoyed reading this book and in fact I read it in one sitting!

Introduction To Ready Player One

The passion for the 80s and gaming was so clear and every time a reference was made, it felt like a little inside joke between you and the author! As I got more into the book, I found myself waiting for the references and always let out a small amused laugh.

The gaming world felt realistic and it fit in society’s standards too, like the rich and poor. Many people had survive in a world which seems to have no hope but the OASIS.

The dystopian world was realistic with global warming and energy crisis. There’s a whole new way of living and to me it’s strange to think that the year 2044 isn’t that far away and if we keep ignoring these problems, could our world end up this grim?

But Cline also shows that human spirit and behaviour hasn’t changed in the future. The resilience and the determination to make friendships in the cyber world as well as never giving up on the quest even when it seems you won’t win just because of what your status is in the real world.


I love the community Ernest built too as we saw how much gaming affected their lives! From using an avatar in school to having unforgettable online friendships, it gave a message that yes, we are reminded that the internet world isn’t safe, but it showed readers how much it made a young teen like Wade happy in his life.

Wade is a character who knows his life isn’t the best, but tries to look on the bright side. He’s relatable as he deals with the ordinary teenage problems, but then we see he’s had a hard life with his mum not being there for him and still he doesn’t blame her. I liked how Cline portrayed him as if he was innocent and just trying to find a way to live with hopes and dreams as well as online friends are the only thing keeping him from not giving up.

Other characters like Aech (pronounced H) and Art3mis had distinct personalities and I liked how they both complimented each other too when they were together with Wade in both the OASIS and the outside world.

The plot was fantastic, I didn’t expect what seemed like little details almost filler chapters to make such an impact! It’s well thought-out and clever and it wasn’t too easy to guess or even too easy for the characters too complete the quest.


Overall this book was so good that I could not put it down! It touches on interesting topics and provides nostalgia to older readers and I’m sure they fangirled/boyed as much as Ernest Cline did whilst writing this book. It’s so detailed and quite long but for  the content it’s worth it.

I’d like to hear your thoughts on this book, so let me know by either dropping a comment down below or contacting me through any of my socials!

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