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5 Books To Movies Adaptations: Romance Edition

Books to movies adaptations is something I look forward to watching and reading. Which one got it right? I have done a similar post to this before, however it is the month of February and what better to celebrate then romance edition? There are a lot of them out there, some haven’t been released yet! But here is a list of books to movies adaptations that might actually live up to expectations! What are some of your favourites?

To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before

Netflix has made a popular movie adaptation out of this trilogy by Jenny Han. In fact, the sequel will be released on the 12th February! It is the perfect light-hearted read with a cinnamon roll relationship that is adorable! What I love about the movie, is that it is a little different to the book with the Lara Jean’s relationships with friends and family, however the sibling and family love still shows. Plus, it is a lot more diverse then your average rom-com!

Pride And Prejudice

books to movies adaptations romance edition, pride and prejudice, me before you, to all the boys I've loved before, book blogger

I absolutely loved this book, and that is surprising as I don’t read classics often! The book wasn’t that hard to follow along, although it is a classic so it did take me a while. But I also loved the movie adaptation, specifically the Kiera Knightley and Matthew Macfayden one. It’s swoon worthy and it is pride and prejudice, so the men are much more gentlemanly then a romance film from today! I’d highly recommend reading and watching this.

Bridget Jones’s Diary

This film is honestly hilarious and with the right amount of romance and drama too. I’ve yet to read and see the sequel but I’ve heard just as good things too! It follows the story of 32 year old Bridget who is determined to get her life together and under control, which includes finding a decent man. This romance is one for the laughs!

Me Before You

books to movies adaptations romance edition, me before you, bookstagram book blogger

A romance that has brilliant humour, despite the sad circumstances. Me before you tells the story of Louisa Clark and her relationship with Will Traynor, a recently disabled man. It is heartwarming and I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book too! I definitely want to read more by Jojo Moyes now! For a little warning, it may be lighthearted but not all romances can have a happily ever after.

Little Women

Another classic, which has just released a brilliant movie too! I loved the sisterly relationship in this book. They are each determined to live their lives the ways they wish, however it is set just after the civil war so equality for women wasn’t the best. The movie was heartfelt and uplifting, I couldn’t recommend it more for the month of February!

There are so many other amazing book to movie adaptations! I’d love to know if you have watched or read any of these titles. During this month, I’m hoping to read books that express all things love so I’ll be updating my progress over on bookstagram and Goodreads! I recently read A Darker Shade Of Magic, love a fantasy with romance in too! What are your favourite contemporary or romance books?

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