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It’s finally the New Year and everyone is buzzing with excitement as they plan to achieve their New Year resolution. However, we all know it’s not as easy as it sounds. My resolution was to be more organised and a bullet journal seemed like a perfect idea. I had used it on and off last year and since then I’ve decided to give it another go. If you’re looking to start a bullet journal, here are some pros and cons of what to expect.


1.Time Consuming

A bullet journal can take a lot out of your time especially when you want to make it look exactly like those spreads on Instagram. Time where you could’ve been getting things done is taken away as you use up time by planning ideas and spreads. As a student time is crucial and I’d like to be able to just quickly jot down any notes.

2.Busy Bee

Now, I can be extremely busy at times where there are deadlines due and family events to attend, however sometimes I put in the effort in making a spread and don’t end up using it that much because I may have not been busy that week.

3.No Point

Maintaining a bullet journal can be hard and can sometimes makes me wonder if I should just switch to a planner. Yes, it is personalized to your taste, but is it really worth it? That may be a good enough reason for you to quit, but the money spent on stationary motivates me as I don’t want it to go to waste.


1.Creative Outlet

I find that planners limits yourself as you can’t become adventurous when it comes to spreads, it’s the same layout every week. You can be so creative and add washi tape, gel pens and so on. Or you could still use the system effectively and make your spreads minimalist, whatever works for you! Personally, I love adding colour to my spreads and changing it up every month. Usually I follow AmandaRachLee’s spreads as they aren’t too complicated. Doing some small doodles on my spread is relaxing. If that’s not for you, the creator of bullet journaling (Ryder Carrol) offers spreads which are simpler.


Bullet journals can be used for many other things as well as a weekly spread. Before I started my bullet journal, I’d write down a list of movies I needed to watch or books I needed to read and even my shopping list on my phone. It might be me, but I rarely ever check my notes.

3.Your Bullet Journal

Bullet journals can be so effective if you use it for your own needs. From habit trackers, to mood trackers and reflecting your day, bullet journals can be used for just about anything! Bullet journals can help anyone keep their life together as everything is all in one place. No need for random scrap paper!

Overall, I think that pros and cons might not make a difference at the end of the day. Bullet journaling can depend on how willing and determined you are to make this work. I could buy loads of stationary and end up not using it as I just simply didn’t have time. I’ve learned that to be organised, effort has to be made to meet your demands. If doodling in your bullet journal is time consuming, don’t do it! You can still use a bullet journal, even without the doodles. If that doesn’t work out, use a planner. Planners are simple as the layout is already made for you.

Let me know what you think? Do you bullet journal too?

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