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Daisy Jones and the Six: Book Review

I decided to give this book after all the hype I had seen basically everywhere. I wasn’t disappointed although if it wasn’t for the hype maybe I would’ve liked the book even more than I already do. The style of writing is completely different to what I’m used to reading as it told the story as if it was a documentary. At first I found it hard to get into but after a few pages, Daisy Jones had gotten me hooked in the 70s world.

It was a rollercoaster of a ride with a few plot twists which were shocking but if I really wanted to think hard about the plot of the book I could’ve guessed it. I really don’t have many complaints about this book, but I did wish that the ending was as good as the build up throughout the book.

It wasn’t one of those books where I adored every character, but I did have a lot of respect for them despite not agreeing to some of their actions. The way Taylor Jenkins Reid described the characters, the imagery was so clear in my mind and at some point I forgot I was reading a fiction book. Everything just seemed so real.

Despite being set in the 60s and 70s, Taylor still managed to express feminism in the book with incredible, strong women. There are a lot of messages where women didn’t get the credit they deserved and women supporting other women. What I liked a lot about the characters is that even the side ones had so much depth and layers to them. Each character’s storyline is explored and the characters were just so authentic and unique. No character had the same personality as the other; it was such a nice mix.

Saying that, at one point during the book every character got on my nerves. The lack of communication was frustrating but I understand that this all led to the breakup of the band. I wonder if the problems never did build up perhaps the band would’ve lasted. But then that would change the entire plot of the book. In the end, readers do come to understand why some characters did what they did but that doesn’t mean we agree with it.

As fun as reading this book was, it does talk about serious problems such as addictions. It wasn’t glamorised as we normally see it in the media, the destructive consequences were talked about a lot. I like how so many messages could be incorporated in this book and it even provided hope for someone out there who may be struggling with any of these issues which were touched on. It really shows how a person can have everything they want in the world money, fame and love yet they can still be unhappy. I think that’s one of the reasons (apart from the incredible writing) why so many people have loved the book. These characters are so different to people with ordinary lives but at the same time they can be so relatable.

Whilst reading this book, sometimes I just really wanted to hear how the songs sounded. The way they were described was amazing and even though readers don’t know exactly how it sounds, Taylor did a brilliant job in making sure we all got the gist and vibe of it. The original songs that she wrote were amazing and I did enjoy reading them.

Knowing how the book ends I think it would be cool to read it again to see if any of the plot twists were foreshadowed throughout the book. It definitely has joined the list of my favourite books.

Have any of you read this book? What are your thoughts?

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