A Court Of Thorns And Roses: Review

I have to say when I first started this book I was really excited to read it.. Although I thought the book was slow-paced in the beginning and a little in the middle, I couldn’t put it down. However, when the pace did pick up the book became so intense filled with adventure and passion. The characters and setting had hooked me in, so different from other fantasy books I’ve read.

A Court Of Thorns and Roses is the first book that I have read by Sarah J Maas and her writing is so brilliant that the scenes played like a movie inside my head. I’m glad I started off with the trilogy as it would’ve been a little bit of a shame if I had bought all eight books of a Throne Of Glass series and not like them. Reading this book definitely convinced me that those books have been added to my ever-growing to be read list.

I did think this book would be more fantasy than romance, it wasn’t, but I liked how that makes it different to a lot of other fantasy books out there. The book focused on character development and the relationships between other characters such as Tamlin, Lucien and even the main character, Feyre’s family. I liked the whole Beauty and the Beast Vibes although at times I wondered where the book was heading. This is because there were not any problems that the main character, Feyre, was facing. Problems that were life threatening no longer existed as soon as she met Tamlin. As a reader it seemed to me that we were supposed to figure out this completely new world ourselves and piece together what could happen.

What I also really liked about this book, is how Sarah J Maas created a strong, female lead. Feyre was independent and knew how to handle herself against others. She created Feyre as someone who is brave and strong yet she somehow managed to make her as a person who can be afraid and scared. I think that’s what I really enjoyed about Feyre’s character, a person who is not afraid to put her strong opinions out there and to act human even in this newfound world. Sometimes, I forgot that she is only a 19 year old girl who has suffered all her life to fight for survival and to keep her family safe. She is mature and as a reader I only hoped she got her happy ending.

Tamlin is a complex character, one with many sides to him. At times he could be really sweet but then the guy could change his mood swings so fast you didn’t really know what to expect from him. Some parts of the book he tried to be controlling towards Feyre and it frustrated me when she wasn’t allowed to hear anything or when he thought that she was an object who should obey to his every rule. I did ship them together for a while but after I thought about the book and what happened and Tamlin’s actions I hoped that they wouldn’t end up together. Rhysand may cause a love triangle and to be honest, kinda living for it.

Lucien was one of the characters who added humor to the book and became one of Feyre’s first friends, even if he didn’t want to admit it in the beginning. His past seemed interesting and as I read the next two books I can’t wait to read more about my favourite characters and even some new ones.

What are your thoughts on this book?

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