Book Nerd Struggles

In spirit of April Fools Day, I wanted to get an extra blog post up about the struggles and problems a book nerd faces. Let’s be honest, I think we’ve all had problems whilst reading a book, buying a book or just explaining to someone else who doesn’t really care much about books. I hope you all can relate and that you enjoy this post!

1. The urge to ramble

When reading, there’s often a lot of problems that characters face. Many readers can get a little invested in their lives so when a disastrous event happens, you really want to share how you feel about it with someone. Except a lot of the times, they don’t care of have never read the book.

2. Buying too many

Whenever I realise that the book I’m currently reading has a sequel etc I will want to buy it. The problem with doing that is sometimes the book isn’t great or didn’t live up to my expectations. And that’s when I realise I wasted money on a book that I might not read.

3. When you don’t have the next one

I’ve talked about buying the sequel but that feeling when you don’t have the next book is honestly the worst. This is mainly because authors love to end books on cliffhangers.

4. Apparently the movie is better

This one is so irritating! I hate it when movies miss out a scene from a book that was really important, or miss out my favourite bit or even change the whole plot! Ready Player One I’m thinking of you! I seriously loved that book so much, I read it all in one day so that I could watch the movie after, only to be disappointed with a great film but with the wrong plot. If you want to hear more on my thoughts about movies and book adaptations, check out this post here.

5. Making a reference Of A Book

In conversations it will sometimes link to books that are my favourite and it’s hard not to make a reference to the book. Even if you do make a reference, it’s a high possibility that everyone will have no clue about the book you just referenced.

6. People Speaking

People talking When I’m reading and someone tries to strike up a conversation. I’m not sure if it’s worse when someone tries to talk to you when you clearly have earphones on. A lot of the times the tension is getting high and your eyes are practically glued to the page but then someone decides to open their mouth. Even with one word answers, no one really gets the hint that I don’t want to be social.

7. The pile that never gets smaller

On my bookshelf there are so many books that I haven’t read, yet I continue to buy more books because I’m a sucker for becoming broke by buying more books.

8. Cliffhangers

I have a love hate relationship with cliffhangers. I love the feeling of always wanting to know more and having many theories in your head but it also sucks when the next book hasn’t been written and readers have to wait for what seems like forever to finally know how the book ends.

There are a lot more problems that I could ramble about but for the sake of this post being a little too long I think I’ll leave it here.

Could you relate to any of these problems? Should I do more posts like this?

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