Happy Mother’s Day

To finish off this month’s theme, which was all about women, I want to dedicate this post to the strongest women I know. Mothers. It’s mother’s Day in the UK today and they really deserve a shout-out for the incredible work they do.

To the mother’s out there who work hard to create a good living for their children, thank you. To the mother’s who seem lost when their child gives them attitude, thank you for not giving up hope. To the mother’s who love us so dearly it pains to see their child hurt, thank you. Thank you for being there. Thank you for making us the people who we are today. Thank you for doing the best you can possibly be. We may not say it enough but truly without my mum, I would have no idea what to do with myself.

To the people out there who may have a difficult relationship with their mum or might not know them or don’t want to even wish them to have a great Mother’s Day, thank the people who are there for you whenever, wherever. The people who have always stood by you and in a way have acted like a mother as much as they do as a friend, a sister, a brother, an aunt, an uncle, a grandmother, a grandfather. If they are the ones who give you hope every day, who want to see you happy and that is enough, thank them. They may not get it often enough.

In all honesty, I think we all forget how grateful we are to have these amazing people in our lives. To me, Mother’s Day is just a reminder to show your thanks. Whether it be a simple handmade card or a candle or even some books or chocolate, your efforts will be appreciated. Some Mother’s give us the whole world and when we give something which will never add up to what they’ve given us, they will see it as if we’ve given them the whole world. The little things count.

The little things like giving her a hug or telling her how grateful you are count. It doesn’t even have to be a gift if she know how much you appreciate her.

Sometimes I wonder what it would be like if I had parents who have the complete opposite personalities that mine do. But then I realise, I would never be the person I am today. I’ve been taught many things from the people around me, but no one has taught me how to love and appreciate others and to be thankful for what I have except for my mum. Dad you’ve taught me a lot too, don’t worry.

She’s a voice of reason, she’s a comedian, she’s a chef, she’s a teacher and she’s an angel. She’s my mother. Thank you.

Thank you to all mother’s out there who have done so much for their children that they don’t even realise how much it means to them. Thank you to all the mother’s who sometimes even put their children first before them. Thank you for just being you. You’re all special, unique and beautiful just like a flower I guess.

At times it may seem like we don’t appreciate you but honestly just know that we do. And our love for you all is everlasting.

Despite the struggles I’m sure you’ve all be through, you never give up and you continue to put your children first even when that shouldn’t always be the case.

Happy Mother’s Day, I hope you all realise your worth.

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