Self love Stationary Haul

I decided that since it is self love month, I may as well treat myself to one of my favourite store ever… Paperchase! Honestly they have the cutest stationery ever and as soon as I saw their Valentine’s collection, I wanted to have a little part of it. I tried to limit myself and I only bought 4 things! That’s quite an achievement for me, so I’m pretty proud of myself. The first product is a notebook. I thought the idea was so sweet and I can’t wait to write every single day why I love myself. I think it would be really nice to back at after the year is completed. As well as this, on those bad days reading through it could make me feel so much better. It was £5 so yes a little pricy but honestly I don’t regret it. From the lovely pink and its fun size, what’s not to love? I’ve spoken before about bullet journaling and sometimes if I want to spice my spreads out (or if I make a mistake), I like to use washi tape. There are so many patterns out there and this one in particular caught my eye. It has a felt like texture and I can peal of the hearts from the clear tape! It’s actually so cool and very different to my usual washi tapes. It was £3 and it came in a pack of three. Not bad at all. The colours are cute as well (red, pink and white) very Valentine like. Paperchase also sell some decor which is so cute. This trinket dish is simple but I love the little sassy quote. I like the play on words from what a snack, changing it up for 2019 I think. It’s decently sized and for a fiver that’s not bad in my books. Right now it’s storage for those grip pins that I always seem to lose so it has a good purpose. There were so many other trinket dishes which I thought looked amazing but I wanted to stick with the theme. And maybe I wanted to save myself a little bit of money.

Highlighters are essential for me, they are pretty and useful. Need I say more? What I liked about this highlighter was the heart shape and how it had two in one. Like what? How cool is that? The two colours were pink and yellow and on the front it said the highlight of my life. Even though I bought it for myself, giving it as a gift to someone would be really cheesy and cute. I think I might need to start doing a word count for the amount of times I’ve said cute.

Entering the store is a red flag for me. If I could I would actually buy the whole store! There were so many cards for loved ones and don’t even get me started on the other collections they had in Paperchase. If you would like me to do more Paperchase hauls or any other stationary haul in general, let me know! It gives me an excuse to buy more things anyway.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this post and I would love to hear your thoughts! Are you a stationary lover like me?

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