February, the time for self love!

Appreciate Ourselves

February is here and we all know a special date is coming up: Valentine’s Day! It’s a day for love and most couples celebrate this day, however that doesn’t mean we can’t appreciate the love we have for ourselves! It’s hard to love ourselves when we think it makes us selfish or overconfident. It doesn’t, self love is so important. I thought ranting about self love on the month of February seemed fitting; Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be for couples only!

Happiness Matters

A simple goal that I want to achieve in life is that I want to be happy and content. I think self love goes hand in hand with this goal to achieve it. If I can love myself, surely loving other aspects of my life will be easier. I believe that self love is a long journey with its up and downs of course. But I think that’s the beauty of it, learning something new about you and learning to love it. Yes, I know I’m not going to wake up one day and feel absolutely amazing. But who said being the best you didn’t take time. After all there is always something to improve on.

Worth It

Some days it’s hard to remind ourselves of our worth, so reciting it to myself in the mirror actually helps. You’ll catch yourself grinning in the mirror and it’s one of the best feelings ever. I mean if that’s a little weird, a song I adore is “Who Told You” by Cimorelli. Honestly, it made me feel so emotional when I first listened to it because it was that raw and I could easily relate to it. I know I’m not the only one who has bad days and feel as if they aren’t enough and that they’re so tired of it all because they believe nobody has faith in you. I know. So when it does get to that point, knowing you have faith in yourself is enough. Suddenly you won’t feel that crappy.

Of course not everyone treats you how you deserve to be treated, but looking after your mind and body will be enough. You won’t let them change how you see yourself because their opinion won’t matter. Looking after your mind and body will do wonders, you’ll truly start to realise your self-worth.

Self Respect

Self love to me means self respect. Self respect for ourselves: bodies and minds. Some days I look at myself in the mirror and I see the best me. I see a girl who is confident with themselves and who is someone who doesn’t care about anyone else’s opinion because her love is enough. But some days I see a girl who’s self conscious and ashamed that she isn’t like the others and ashamed that she can’t be confident. Loving yourself doesn’t come easily and in fact I’m still getting there. But to all those who struggle to accept themselves, know that there are others who feel exactly like you do. You’re not alone. Loving yourself will come to you whether it is today tomorrow or ten years from now. I hope we all learn to accept that loving ourselves isn’t being overconfident it’s being content and proud of who we are. From today I want to think about something positive about myself, even if I’m having the crappiest of crap days. I don’t want it to bring down my mood and maybe if I keep repeating it, self love will come easily.

I hope that this blog post has made you realise that you are enough. And that sometimes things just take a little bit of time.

Let me know your thoughts!

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