5 tips to have the best movie night!

I’m an expert when it comes to movie nights, judging by the amount of time I’ve had them. Movie nights are always fun if you do them in the correct way, so hopefully my tips will help!

1. Blankets

Blankets are always a necessity for movie nights, they make the whole night a lot better! In winter, I can never get warm; the cold always manages to sneak up on me, even with my fluffy socks! They certainly provide warmth as well as comfort. However, movie nights can happen at any time of the year, so when summer arrives and I don’t feel like wrapping warm, building a fort is so exciting. There is so much you can add to a fort, from candles to pillows and once I even had a glow in the dark balloon!

2. Snacks

Snacks are what I look forward to the most. Well, apart from the movies. Movie nights tend to be filled with junk food, a little guilty pleasure of mine. I normally come back from the shops with a huge bag, filled with anything I shouldn’t be having on a daily basis. Homemade nachos (kind of), popcorn, chocolates and sweets is what’s usually in the bag. Tesco value nachos, Doritos salsa and cheese make the nachos taste better than any you can find in the cinema. They taste amazing, to me at least and I consider myself a hardcore foodie. Majority of the time, I burn the microwavable popcorn so that’s my reason when I dump extra sweets and chocolates into the trolley.

3. Comfy Clothes

A movie night is never complete if I’m not wearing pyjamas, PJs or as I like to call them Jamas. There’s nothing better than being in my favourite onesie, lying on the sofa like a whale and eating food as if I have seen it for the first time. It’s just the perfect way to spend your evening. Being in day clothes can eventually become annoying, so after a long tiring day, slipping on your jim-jams feels so comfy. Although, I am sure the average person does not put their pyjamas on a little early before bedtime. Oops? Onesies, matching sets, night gowns, whatever you fancy take your pick, so you can have the best movie night possible.

4. Good Company

Having a movie night is fun by alone, but with good company I think it’s even better. The night becomes much more enjoyable even when it could come to a point where everyone argues who gets the last block of chocolate. I still hold a grudge when I never got the last piece. With my sisters or friends, it’s relaxing to have a girl’s night in. Memories are made easily with our feet up and a hot chocolate in one hand. I do admit bickering does happen, especially when one person is in the mood for an action film whilst the other wants to watch a chick flick. It comes to compromise in the end; everyone wants to have a good time.

5. Movies!

Last but not least, the most important tip of the night… Movies! This is the most exciting bit; choosing between your favourites and deciding whether or not to binge watch a series is a good idea. As I mentioned previously, people can argue so I would suggest a collection of films and asking others to pick from that. Having a theme is great too, nobody will suggest a horror film when it’s Disney themed. Whatever you choose, just make sure everyone is satisfied to be sure to have a good time.

Have you found this post useful? Do you often have movie nights? If so, do you encounter some of the problems I have? Let me know!

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