Academic Pressure

It’s exam season. It’s always exam season let’s be honest.Everyone knows that dreadful feeling to get the good grade. In this post I hope to reach out and give a little rant about exam season, revision, homework and dealing with it all as young people. It’s a little different than other posts, but I think this rant is long overdue.

Pressure Of Grades And Exam Season

As a teenager my future depends on me getting good grades. It’s crazy to think of it like that because we’re always described as “irresponsible” yet we have to be responsible for our own future. Everyone has their problems, we all know that. However, being pressured to have good grades by everyone around you gets overwhelming. It’s hard to please everyone and look after yourself.

Expectations And Balance

It’s hard to balance home life and school life. It’s hard having expectations. So when I should stop and think about what I’m doing I don’t and push myself even harder.

Whenever I get a bad grade, it’s the end of the world. Never mind the fact that it could also be a positive and be seen as something to work on. And it makes me laugh a little because whenever I get a decent grade I shrug it off and don’t realise how proud I should be of myself. That’s one of my new years resolution, focus on the positives and don’t disregard them. If I can make my mood better I should. Having to please others affects us mentally. Struggling to meet someone’s expectations makes me worry and I end up overthinking the whole situation.

Are they disappointed with me? Have I done enough? Am I smart enough? I hate it, I know I shouldn’t worry about others but it’s hard not to when they constantly remind you of what they expect. I’ve seen friends cry just because they thought they weren’t enough. That they won’t pass because they aren’t clever according to one grade. It’s frustrating seeing them stress over issues like this because they don’t realise how special they are and that even if you aren’t the greatest in one subject, that doesn’t mean it’s the same for others. We all have strengths and we need to use them to our advantage. We need to realise that despite our panic attacks telling us otherwise, we can do this and prove others wrong. That never ending pile of homework and revision will soon get smaller.

I hope that everyone will read this post and think maybe I can do this. Your not alone, there are overs who feel exactly like you do. There are others who have to deal with stupid, petty drama and there are certainly others who have a difficult home life, making revision hard. We’ve got this and we are doing this to make ourselves proud. Not parents, not teachers, just me. In the end they don’t realise what it’s really like having to deal with school stress. Maybe they never will, after all they didn’t grow up in the 21st century. Maybe it’s time to accept that and perhaps understand their point of view. No one really thinks just how much times have changed. What people don’t realise is that the “irresponsible” ones might change the world. They just don’t know it yet.

What did you think of this post? Can you relate? I also have a post about trying to find time to read in exam season too!

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