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5 Tips For A Book Blog

As promised from my last blog post, 3 Bookstagram Tips and Tricks , I’m here to share some tips all about blogging! I’ve been blogging since December 2018 and it has definitely changed my life! I had no idea what I was doing ( but who does?) so I am going to share my tips that will hopefully give you a better start then I had!

1. Post Consistently

Whether if your known for posting book reviews or if you like to do book tags, posting consistently is key when trying to grow your blog. It could be once a month, once a week or even everyday just as long as your readers know when to expect your posts. Posting regularly ensures that you will have a regular viewership too! However, never feel pressured to post! Mental health always comes first and sometimes life just gets a little hectic! In that case, I’d recommend to have some posts pre-written!

You get to choose whether that pile of books grows taller.

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2. Review What You Want To, Read What You Want To

Sometimes it’s hard to know when to stop following the latest book hype. If a popular book isn’t your favourite then there’s no reason to continue. Don’t read books because they’re hyped, people read your blog posts because they are authentic. The same goes for reviews. I know that it can be so overwhelming when you have tons of emails to review a book. The way I see it is that it is okay to say no. If that genre doesn’t interest me, I don’t need to read it just because I am being offered the book.

3. A Blog Is Judged By It’s Homepage

I know that judging a book by it’s cover is never good, however we all do like a nice aesthetic. I recently changed from Blogger to WordPress and from then revamped my blog. It has been a great decision and I noticed my views skyrocket. It doesn’t take much and you seriously don’t have to be a coding master! There are tons of free themes available that look amazing! Remember, if you think your blog looks eye-catching then it certainly will be for your readers! Your blog is basically a reflection of yourself!

a picture with autumnal sweaters along with books. This picture is a bookstagram picture.
One of my pictures I post on social media!

4. Don’t Underestimate Social Media

Social media is a great place for book bloggers to grow. For one, the book community on Twitter and Instagram is amazing and so supportive! A lot of my traffic comes from social media, so it’s important to at least establish yourself on one platform and grow to a decent following. I love this part of blogging as it is so enjoyable to engage with the community too. The community really makes blogging worthwhile!

5. Plan Ahead And Remember Your Passion

Whatever you chose to do, just remember the reason why you started this and have fun! Do as many book reviews as you like, as many book tags, it’s your blog to have fun with! I tend to have so many ideas that I love planning ahead! Asana is great to organise post ideas as well as when I’m going to post them! But you could go down the classic route and use a journal which does the job well too!

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading and hopefully learning from this post! Feel free to ask me any questions on social media or in the comments! I follow through with all of these tips and I really wish I could tell my past self to follow them too! I’ll have a new blog post up next week too! It’s one I am looking forward to as it’s a review on the recently released A Sorcery Of Thorns!

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  1. Some really helpful tip, I don’t seem to connect with anyone on Twitter even tho I have followers

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