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Sorcery Of Thorns Book Review

Sorcery of thorns is a magical, captivating. It was so fun to read as I became immersed in the adventure Margaret Rogerson has created! Margaret Rogerson delivered all the good feels and I’m so glad I picked up this newly released book! She applied her own spin on cliches used in fantasies and expressed her wit throughout Sorcery Of Thorns. It’s action packed and had me flicking through the pages like there’s no tomorrow.

sorcery of thorns, open book
a book review by missmaddychats, sorcery of thorns

Introduction To Sorcery Of Thorns

Readers are first introduced to protagonist Elisabeth Scrivener, an orphan raised in a library. As soon as I get to know her, I admire her traits. She will always protect The Great Library with her fierce heart as she’s a huge lover of books. When she’s accused of treason of letting a grimoire out ( books turn into monsters), Elisabeth is immediately put into conflict. She is challenged when people begin to target libraries and soon gets help from sorcerer Nathaniel Thorn.

a book review by missmaddychats, sorcery of thorns
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As sorcerers are believed to be evil due to libraries teachings, Elisabeth has a hard time accepting Nathaniel. But with lives at stake and danger lurking, she must put aside her beliefs to protect others.

Elisabeth has a kind heart with and a lot of willpower. Her fondness towards books makes her such a likable character, someone a lot of bookworms can relate too. There is such good chemistry between her Nathaniel and Silas. The banter shared is hilarious and it makes the book more special.

Nathaniel Thorn is a rich, swoon worthy sorcerer. If that isn’t enough to convince you to read the book, I’m not sure what is! We all like the list of book boyfriends to be longer 😉 His sarcasm isn’t overbearing and his dry humour is the best! I loved learning about his tragic past and he’s a selfless character that cares a lot for Elisabeth and his friend, Silas.

Silas is so protective of others but you wouldn’t have known due to him being so cold and emotionless a lot of the time. But as we learn more about him, he really is a big softie with a kindhearted nature. Honestly I was wary of him in the beginning, but after I discovered how much he does for Nathaniel I let my suspicion go!

The Plot

I’m a huge fan of Margaret Rogerson’s writing and as this is my first novel of hers that I have read, it had definitely convinced me to pick up her other works! The world building is so good and wasn’t overwhelming at all. The historical setting appealed to me and made the book all the more magical.

Her strong characters complete the book and makes it all the more engaging. I love how it wasn’t too predictable and stereotypical to guess. She took us readers on a roller-coaster of a ride with small cliches that wasn’t too overbearing and that we can all appreciate. I was never bored reading this and in fact finished it in under two days!

Overall, I’d highly recommend this book! It surprised me and I was a little unsure as I don’t tend to buy new releases. But with a book club on Instagram I joined and a tempting pretty cover, I gave in and I don’t regret it!

If you’ve read any of Maragaret Rogerson’s works I’d love to know your thoughts! Or have I convinces you to buy the book? I’ve recently been on a fantasy binge read and I’ve just finished A Curse So Dark and Lonely! Expect there to be a review on this book for next weeks blog post! In the meantime, my recent post on book blogging can keep you up to date!

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