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A Curse So Dark And Lonely: Book Review

A curse so dark and lonely might be one of my favourite reads from this year! I’m a huge fan of a fairy tale retelling (especially Beauty and the Beast ones) and Brigid Kemmerer definitely didn’t disappoint! My review is honestly me trying to convince you to read the book without any spoilers! The story moved at a great pace and I was never so frustrated with a character. I think having two POVs between main characters Harper and Rhen helped readers understand them more as they became likeable characters!

A review on a curse so dark and lonely by brigid kemmerer

A Curse So Dark And Lonely: Introduction

I like how I’m first introduced to the story with action, the book never really dragged on! Readers are first introduced to Harper who’s from DC. From the first chapter we learn a lot about her life, yet it still is a mystery. Sometimes authors might blurt all the information out or keep it contained a secret for too long that I feel as if I know nothing about the characters. However in a curse so dark and lonely, this is never the case! The mystery is exciting and readers have enough clues to try and figure it out.

A review on a curse so dark and lonely by brigid kemmerer


I love all of the characters, well not the evil ones but you get the point! I always love to read books that has diversity and to me it also means health as well as physical appearance.

Harper has cerebral palsy, and I admit I didn’t know much about it! However, the representation here is so good and Harper is a relatable character. She has strength that I really admired and I love how she stuck to her own beliefs. This may have a love interest, however the book explores love family and ourselves and to a certain extent our country!

Rhen is an absolute delight too! He wasn’t your typical arrogant Prince and I felt some sympathy towards him! I love the banter between him, Harper and Grey too. He’s more reserved at first and I guess it’s understandable as he’s under a curse!

Grey is a favourite of mine too. He makes the trio complete! He’s so loyal towards Rhen and definitely has the brooding, silent vibe. Grey has chemistry with Harper, but I’m glad this book didn’t turn into a love triangle. His love for her may be even like a friend or sister.

A curse so dark and lonely review by brigid Kemmerer

The Plot

Although this is based off a Beauty and the Beast retelling, this book surprised me with its plot twists! I can’t wait for the sequel to be released as I can’t get over the ending too! If you’ve read the book, I’m definitely up for a discussion! It’s more dark and I’m a fan of how creative Brigid Kemmerer gets with the character development and plot too! The world building is incredible and I was easily able to imagine Emberfall. The book played like a movie in my head and if I was able to, I would’ve read it in one sitting. I only have a minor complaint, I wanted to see more of Lilith who put the curse on Rhen! But, I’m hoping the sequel will go more in depth and I can only wait to see what happens.

Overall, I loved this book! A curse so dark and lonely has made it up there for my favourite reads this year along with a few others such as sorcery of thorns. My review for that book is here and I’d highly recommend it too! Next week’s blog post will be a monthly wrap up as I have managed to read a few good reads this month! If you’ve read this book, I’d love to know your thoughts! Or have I convinced you to?

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  1. I loved this book! I love retellings, and I was totally taken by surprise by this one. I had no clue that it crossed over with our world so that was a pleasant surprise. And I also really loved all the characters. I could rant about this book forever it was so great 😂 Great review!

    1. Me too, retellings are so fun to read! And I love a good crossover too haha! Same, whenever I love the book I could rant for ages too 😂🙈 thanks so much lovely!

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