Avenger Endgame Review

How to start a review of a really hyped up film? Well to start off, it was worth the hype! I love marvel films, I think they’re so funny and clever, so the lead up to Endgame seemed like forever!

The film although 3 hours long, went by so fast! It was an emotional rollercoaster for sure and I think it was mainly because of the idea that it’s all ended! I mean there are so many films which link to avengers, so even if they do try to make a whole series of films that link, I’m not sure how marvel will pull it off to make it as huge as Endgame.

But, I just want to go over the fact the film was 3 hours long! Damn and there were not any intervals, so bathroom breaks had to wait! Even if it was 3 hours long, it’s understandable why it had to be. There’s a lot of information to cover and a lot of characters that were in the film! The film however had a great story line, good lines and amazing visuals. They managed to fit in back stories without it being boring and an overload of information. Honestly loved how they had all the characters in, I’m sure all of the over marvel fans out there appreciated that as much as I did!

I’m going to try and not slip any spoilers in here, but all I want to say is that one character did surprise me and it was a little plot twist in my eyes! The film made me feel nostalgic as they brought up past films and it was so cool to see how they all ended up linking up, to see the bigger picture.


Although the film made me feel emotional, I’m not the only one, right? The humour was brilliant and it reminded me that it’s a film and I should not be getting too attached. Humour also lifted the tension and to me showed how the characters still saw the light in a dark situation.

To be honest, if I was in their situation I know I would probably be the most pessimistic person out there. They may have powers, but what really makes them heroes is how they react to situations and how they solve in a way, no one can really get hurt.

Overall, I enjoyed the film a lot! Gonna slip in a minor spoiler here, so skip over this line if you want to.

*spoiler for endgame*

I did think there was a missed opportunity on the film when they went back in time. I thought Thanos would try to disrupt the plans and somehow know where they’re in time and have another battle. But, that’s just what I think and the film is still great anyway, with or without that.


The acting in this film is brilliant too, but that’s a given considering the amazing actors and actresses! I can’t imagine anyone else but them playing these characters, so if marvel decides to do a reboot, I’m not quite sure how I’d feel about that!

I can’t wait for the new marvel films that are coming like Spiderman and Black Panther! Avengers Endgame may have come to an end but we still have some new characters to look forward too!

I’d love to know your thoughts on this film, the hype for it, the characters, the actors and obviously the actual film! I hope I’m not the only one who felt somewhat nostalgic watching the film! Do you like how it all ended? Was it emotional for you, or is this just me?

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