A Court Of Wing And Ruin: Review

The last book in this trilogy and let’s just say I had high expectations. This book had some highs and lows for me but overall I still enjoyed it. I first want to start off by saying that this book didn’t have to be 700 pages. At times, I forgot exactly the details of the war that was going on as there was so much information being added all the time that I felt like I couldn’t keep track of it.

I loved the characters in this book, nothing was wrong with them. Nesta became one of my favourites for being so strong and always believing in herself. The romance between her and Cassian was one of my favourites as I liked how she didn’t fall in love with him instantly. I also loved the relationship between Feyre and her sisters, family was picked over everything else and I appreciated the small details like that because it is relatable.

Mor being a lesbian came out of nowhere for me and I get that Sarah J Maas wanted to include diversity but I just think there’s no point including it if it’s going to be forced. One of the reasons why I enjoyed this book, but didn’t love it as much I hoped I would is that the reasoning for some of the plot did seem a little forced or it was a random connection and then suddenly it all flowed. I know it is a fantasy and to be honest,, authors can go wild whilst writing them but I would’ve preferred it if there was more thought gone into some of the subplots or a more reasonable connection.

Characters like Lucien and Tamlin were more enjoyable to read and I think this is because at the end of the day, although their actions could be questionable they truly believed everything they did was for the best (especially Tamlin). Readers learnt more about Lucien’s past and I’m quite happy with who his father is! Tamlin’s character development is one of the best ones in the series. He’s still an idiot but we can see he is trying to make things better.

Let’s not forget about Feyre and Rhysand! Probably my favourite fictional couple out there despite the word ‘mate’ being mentioned quite a few times that in the end it was becoming a little irritating. When Feyre came to the realisation that even if she has her own problems to deal with, she loved herself and that was truly heart-warming to read. I loved Rhysand’s personality in general and his unconditional love for not only Feyre but for the people apart of the inner circle.

I could talk more about the other characters like the Bone Carver, how he knew he was going to die but didn’t mind as Feyre was worthy, his death hit me hard, but there are so many other side characters and I do want to talk about the plot and how I’m not completely happy with how it turned out.

Feyre’s father appearing and saving the day annoyed me as suddenly he cares a lot about his daughters. I felt like Lucien deserved more recognition for going on trips to save the day despite no one knowing what he was actually doing. Feyre’s father wasn’t there when his daughters needed him the most and then afterwards when he dies, I didn’t feel any sympathy or pity at all as readers barely knew him.

Although I did get annoyed with how things played out, I still liked this trilogy as a whole. I enjoyed reading this book but not as much as I enjoyed ACOMAF. Sarah J Maas has wonderful writing and if it wasn’t for this trilogy I would’ve never bought a Throne series.

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