Library Story Time

I’ve been a bookworm for my whole life and I’ve also never had a lot of money to buy books my whole life. So naturally I resort to the library; however it seems that drama follows me whenever I enter one. From school libraries to public ones, each visit has a story to tell. I’m going to combine all of them in this one post and I hope you enjoy reading how socially awkward I can be.

Let’s just imagine a young girl who has just joined High School and is so shy that even asking for a book to borrow is scary to her. But, this girl does eventually borrow a book and brings it back the next day in hopes that the librarian could take a liking to her and let her borrow more books. The librarian was fond of this girl, but still, she only let her borrow one book. The young girl is annoyed but she doesn’t actually say anything. Instead the girl sneaks ones into her backpack and no one finds out about her taking home two books. Then one day, the girl walks into the library with some friends, not sure how she managed that one to be honest, quite hard to believe. Anyway she’s minding her own business, a book in hand whilst her friends quietly talk around her. But then, the librarian walks to her table and accuses the girl of littering. The girl denies this and so does her friends, after all they didn’t bring any food with them having just had lunch. Although the librarian doesn’t believe the girls, she lets them off the hook. The next day, the girls enter the library again, the incident already forgotten. Not even one step inside the library and they get shouted at and are told that they are banned from entering the library for at least two weeks.

In case you hadn’t guessed it, the girl is me and I’m still mortified that I was banned from the library, a place which is supposed to be a bookworm’s home. I believe that I did nothing wrong and now I just avoid that place. That’s just the first story, there is more to come.

Now I’m going to move on to public libraries. I think we’ve established that I’m awkward so just keep that in mind. One day I decided to go and have a revision session at the library accompanied with my two older sisters. The only reason why I wanted to go is to just have a bit of an outing, pre teen me decided the library was a perfect opportunity. So, we enter the silent study area and looking back we all should’ve realised that I would not be able to keep quiet for a while. My sisters find a table and I get out some homework which takes me 20 minutes to finish. I then become bored and try talking to my sisters; obviously they tell me to shut up. I don’t and have a whispered argument with them before storming out of the room. Yep, I stormed out of the room like the dramatic person I am, thinking that I’m right in every argument. My big sister follows me asks me what’s up and then all of sudden I’m sobbing my eyes out. I think we can all tell I was going through puberty. I eventually stop the tears walk back into the room and I don’t talk to anyone. That is until I need a drink of water. My other sister hands me her water bottle and I still to this day have no idea why I decide pouring some into the lid was a great idea. The water spills onto the floor, I’m as uncoordinated as I am awkward and everyone in the rooms seems to stare at me. Great and my reaction is to burst out into nervous laughter and it was then my sisters thought that it’s been a rough day, so we left the library. Them more embarrassed than me.

Please note that I do not storm out of libraries anymore and I hope you’ve enjoyed reading about how awkward I can be.

P.S I’ve also fallen off a chair and embarrassed myself in front of older High School kids.

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