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#BookyChats Book Club: November’s Pick & Introduction

I’m excited to announce officially about my online book club #BookyChats! My aim for this club is to encourage readers to pick up diverse books and include marginalised groups. I have such a passion for these sorts of books, I’m so happy that so many of you want to diversify your reading.

Really, I started the club in October. However it was a bit last minute for me to write an official blog post. But we had so much fun reading the book Kingdom Of Souls (review to come soon) and chatting about it on the Instagram group chat.

I know that the group chats are pretty basic on Instagram, so group discussions will be held on Discord to make it easier!

An Online Book Club… How’s It Gonna Work?

To hype up the excitement of what the club’s book pick will be, polls and book recommendations will be held on my Instagram. So it can be fair with the genre and book we read (as long as it’s diverse)!

#BookyChats is a monthly book club. Set chapters will be spilt up per week. On a set designated day, discussions will take place. Discussions will be fun with some organised kahoot quizzes about the chapters we’ve just read or even getting the author involved! There may or may not be a raffle from Kahoot winners for a chance to win bookish merch etc!

Inspired by Mieke from MouseThatReads, I have used her system on Discord to organise #BookyChats. There will be a general information and weekly discussions space. Also, we all know that fangirling or fanboying is a must when reading. So fun extras is for the good memes, fanart and playlists we all love!

I’ll be sure to have any updates via another blog post or through Twitter and Instagram. But for now, this is quite new and exciting so I’m keeping the system like this!

November’s Pick As Voted By You On IG!

I know I’m not the only one who’s feeling the FOMO (fear of missing out) for The Poppy War By R.F. Kuang. The hype is real especially as the third and final book releases in November! It won by just three votes with The Diviners By Libba Bray coming quite close.

To see the other books that were put neck in neck with each other, check out my story highlight!

The Poppy War By R.f. Kuang, Online Book Club, Diverse Reading, November Book Club Book blogger #BookyChats Book Club: November's Pick & Introduction

I cannot wait to read this book, I’ll be sure to have a review out! In the meantime my other reviews are here. And if you’d like to join in or have any questions, message me on Instagram / Twitter – the fun begins November 1st! Or join in from this Discord link.

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