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Selfcare For Bookworms: What You Should Know!

Selfcare For Bookworms, is one I intended to post on World Mental Health Day. But if I’m honest, it wasn’t the best day for me mentally and it felt wrong to post it. Self care is important at any time of day, even if it isn’t World Mental Health Day.

2020 has been such a tough year, my mental health is pretty much crippling, but I have realised the importance of looking after yourself. This blog post is dedicated to bookworms, especially those of us who are in the public eye. One of the main self care ideas is always to read a book, but reading can be stressful. With the added pressure of reading new releases, getting to ARCS in time – it’s a lot. I go more in detail in my series Behind The Screens.

I posted a mental health blog post a year back, I definitely have learned more tips since then. The tips are a bit basic, but tips that a lot of us might forget.

Please just know that your feelings are valid, it’s okay to not understand them. You are not a burden, a failure or a lost cause. You’re strong and loved even on your off days. We can all feel so isolated with how we feel, but I promise you, you’re not alone and that this storm will pass.

Listening To Your Favourites Talk

Selfcare for bookworms doesn’t always have to be reading a book. When you’re not in the best place mentally, it can be so hard focusing on a lengthy text as your brain feels so overwhelmed. Either listening to your favourite authors reading from their books, or watching interviews of them. It can be quite comforting hearing about the books and characters you love!

Clean And Reorganise Your Space/Shelves

Whenever I’m stressed and overwhelmed, my room will pretty much replicate that feeling and look like an absolute tip. It’s kinda gross and I know whenever I’m finished with my work for the day, the mess annoys me but I have no energy. So I’m not saying do a whole deep clean, just focus on one area. For me, I always leave my shelf area a mess, I have no energy to clean up after taking bookstagram photos. By sorting out the piles of books on the floor, it gives my mind a sense of peace. Feeling like you’ve accomplished something even when you’ve done nothing is the best.

Movie Adaptations

I’m a movie lover as much as I am a booklover, sitting back and watching a movie and doing absolutely nothing is great. It’s even better when it’s a movie adaptation, good or bad. Bad is the best kind when watching with someone else (even better if they’re a bookworm)! Trashing a movie and saying but in the book…this happened is so much fun! If you’re in the mood to feel close to your favourite fictional characters and make yourself wish you had an exciting life, then a good adaptation is the way to go. Here are some of my favourites!

Quick Tip If Screens Aren’t Your Thing!

I will say that only do this sort of self care when you don’t mind looking at screens! I totally get that feeling when you just wanna curl up in a ball and not look at any bright screens. In that case, if you’re feeling up to it, going for a walk and just noticing the details of your surroundings, the sunlight, the people around you. Noticing these little things somehow might make you feel better, to know you’re a part of a bigger picture and that you matter and make a difference within it.

Selfcare for bookworms is knowing that yeah, my life isn’t as exciting as fictional characters, but to think we can have the opportunity to take a step back and enjoy the little things is quite nice.

Make a playlist, but it’s ‚ú®productive‚ú®

I can’t be the only one who feels so guilty relaxing. For me, I always feel as if there’s so much to do and I shouldn’t stop to make time for myself. I love doing mindless tasks that I put off because they can be a bit tedious. Or tasks knowing I’ll benefit from it in the future! Music can give you all the feels, so combining that with a book which does the same is a *chef’s kiss worthy* idea! You could do it for certain chapters, characters, the aesthetics – the list is endless.

I hope you all have found something useful in here! Selfcare can definitely be lighting candles or having a bath, but it’s nice to try out the underrated things. Let me know any of your self care ideas either in the comments, or on twitter and bookstagram!

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