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The Autumn Book Tag

The Autumn Book Tag seems like the perfect first blog post for October! After seeing there wasn’t any tags aimed towards book bloggers, I knew this had to change! I mean bookworms are pretty much known for hyping up autumn and the cosiness it brings. I haven’t done a tag in a while, although I did create a Diverse one a few months ago!

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Candles-Atmospheric Books To Read By Candlelight

The first thing that comes to my mind when I think of autumn is definitely cosy nights in with candles and a good book! Of course it’s even better when the book is so gripping, the atmosphere of it transports you to a fictional world. I could go with classics such as Wuthering Heights, but I think a dark academia book fits perfectly too. At the time of reading Ninth House (my review is here) I gave it 3.5 stars, but I’m so indecisive that I’ll change my ratings constantly and so I think it’s a 4 star for me now!

Coraline – Spooky Reads

I mean Coraline has become such a classic and it’s a movie that spooked me a little when I first saw it! Spooky reads is something as a seasonal mood reader I love in October, so I definitely have a lot of recommendations for that! Agatha Christie definitely achieves those spooky elements, but as of recently, I’ve really enjoyed some of Ruth Ware’s thrillers, especially The Turn Of The Key, review is here!

Cinnamon Rolls- Cute, Autumnal Reads

Now with spooky reads, comes the heartwarming reads in autumn for me! I’m going to go with a book I’m currently reading – Cemetery Boys by Aiden Thomas! It combines spooky and heartwarming in one and I’m loving the diversity included in it too. Another book which I’ve yet to read but comes to mind is The House In The Cerulean Sea by T.J. Klune!

Haunted House – Books You’d Buddy Read Because You’re Too Scared

As much as I enjoy all the moody, creepy, spooky reads, I can also be a bit of a wimp when facing those books. Haunted house came to me because there is no way I’d enter one without someone with me, if I’m going down, someone else is too haha! I’ve been brave this month and I’m venturing out of my comfort zone by adding horror to my tbr. One of them being Out by Natsuo Kirino, a book I’ve been looking forward to read for so long . But lowkey I have put it off as it’s a horror! I’m definitely going to try and convince fellow booknerds to buddy read this one with me!

Pumpkin Spice Latte – Basic Tropes We Crave In Autumn

Is it really an autumnal book tag, if pumpkin spice isn’t mentioned? Yes, it’s hyped but in my opinion, it’s for good reason, it’s so good! As much as some people hate on others for being basic, we all go back to them at some point. For this one, I’m picking the chosen one trope. It can be quite awful at times to read, but I do love the excitement of discovering new ideologies of a world at the same time as a character. One book which has done this incredibly well is Raybearer ( my review is here). The world building is incredible, the characters so unique. I’d highly recommend it!

Sweater Weather – Binge Worthy Cosy Reads

The iconic sweater weather phrase is one that it associated with the colder months and gets me so excited for them! Give me all the sweater weather vibes over any hot summer day. Staying in, wrapped up warm with a good hot drink (tea for me), is literally my favourite way to spend a day. Can you tell I’m an introvert? Being a mood reader, I’m either in the mood for dark, gritty books or cutsey reads which get me in the feels. Some books which are definitely binge worthy on a night in are Coraline, A Good Girl’s Guide To Murder (mystery but make it cosy) or even poetry book such as Your Soul Is A River By Nikita Gill.

I’m so excited to see you all take part in this tag! Let me know some of your answers down in the comments below, or recommend a book perfect for this season. I’ll be sharing and retweeting your blog posts over on my Twitter and Instagram!

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