the turn of the key book review

The Turn Of The Key Book Review

The Turn of The Key is a compulsive, murder mystery tale which was released in August 2019. A nanny who is awaiting her trial in prison tells the story through letters. It’s a good creepy read for October and in this review I’ll express my thoughts and opinions on the book!

the turn of the key book review

Introduction to The Turn of The Key

Nanny, Rowan Caine has found an advertisement that’s almost too perfect. Four nannies have already quit their jobs for superstitions and this is when all the fun and games begin. The writing style of this is quite cool, I love how it switches from a letter form to present day! Rowan is an unusual main character and that’s all the more reason for readers to unravel this mystery! The Gothic historic vibe definitely set the mood for this book too.


What I really appreciated about this book is that the side characters Jack and Jean added to the whole creepy element. Everyone did something to help the plot mover forward! The Turn of The Key is very character driven and I enjoyed the narrative voice being pretty clear!

The Plot

Rowan is a nanny for three children and along with weird parents who aren’t really in the book, they get up to a lot of mischief! The house is in a remote area in Scotland, its history is often mentioned due to it being haunted. It all begins with smart technology which seems fine at first but then develops into something much more!

Although, the ending wasn’t that satisfying and honestly a little cliche, there were some other plot twists which I did not see coming! Every creepy feature that occurred created amazing imagery too! All details mentioned matter to the plot, I like how readers were not fed unnecessary information. The story line is a page tuner, I was pretty engrossed with the plot and finished it within a few days! The Gothic suspense is gripping and although the ending wasn’t what I expected I would still recommend this book!


Overall, I enjoyed reading this book! It’s a good read to start of this October for me and the only thing that disappointed me was the ending! I’ll have a list of other spooky reads for Sunday’s blog post so check in with that!Teasers will be posted on my Instagram 😉 Let me know your thoughts on this book and if you haven’t read it, has this review convinced you to?

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