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So I thought why not write a review on Captain Marvel, after all this month’s theme is all about women and girl power. The excitement was too much and I ended up watching the film on its release date. It didn’t disappoint to me although I know it did for others.

Appreciating Women

I love how the film included situations females have to go through every day. This includes situations such as women being told to be happy 24/7 or to not let our emotions get to us. It was so relatable and I think that’s one of the reasons why so many people have loved this film. We see the struggles Carol Danvers goes through as people put her down for being herself and sticking to what she believes in. Little did they know is that she is going to save all the avengers in Endgame.

I also liked how she didn’t have a love interest to complete the film. I liked seeing Carol grown into the woman she was meant to be by herself and with little pushes from her friends. We did get the happy ending where the bad guys are defeated but we also got a happy ending which mattered to me. We got the ending where she overcame her fears and embraced her powers and gender.


The chemistry between her and Nick Fury was amazing. They bounced off each other and the jokes shared between them were great. Although they don’t have much in common, they both understand the need to help good people and to respect those who deserve it. Every relationship in the film was important as they each taught Carol a life lesson. Even the relationship with Goose the cat, don’t underestimate the small ones.

Speaking of Goose the cat, he has definitely made its way on my favourite characters list. The scenes with him and Nick Fury were awe-worthy, I know everyone in the theater melted a bit.

Another character I loved was Maria Rambeau. A black woman who can fly jets, count me in! She was a superhero as well, even if she doesn’t have any powers. She knew Carol inside and out and she guided her into being the best person she can be. The scenes with them together were some of my favourites. The way it was written, directed, filmed and acted was brilliant. We could see how strong and independent they were just from their language and how they refused to be bossed around by other people.

There was a lot to go through this film like showcasing Captain Marvel saving the world for the first time, connecting her with the genesis of the Avengers and their current battle and introducing both sides to her (Carol Danvers and Captain Marvel). I did think it was a little slow in the beginning, but after that I loved every second of it. I mean normally I check the time in the cinema and time flew by watching this; I didn’t want it to end.

Conclusion On Captain Marvel

Overall, all I can say is that this film is one of my favourites. I liked the diverse cast and it reminded me of Black Panther, full of colour and feminists. I liked how the message was put across and I also loved how it came out on International Women’s Day! This film proved how strong we all are together and that we shouldn’t underestimate the power of being a girl. Captain Marvel shows us to know our worth and that our superpower is being female.

If you’ve watched this film, let me know your thoughts!

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