Expectations Of A Teenage

As a teenage girl, perfection is always on my mind. Often I want to be perfect for everyone. Always wanting perfect grades to impress others. Or wanting to look perfect to avoid judgmental stares. I’v just always wanted to walk through the corridors feeling so confident in myself, insecurities that I have won’t even pop up into my mind.

Stress Of School

Getting the right grade is more important that it was in the past. Teachers want the school name to look good so they won’t bother much with teenage kids. Parents want their child to achieve the best for themselves. Trying my hardest could still not get me the grade I craved. Even after all the late night studying and reading. I have to remember there is no use in crying if I tried my hardest. Working hard can be seen as a nerd or being a try hard. Ultimately, being a nerd will get me where I want. People with opinions I don’t agree with, shouldn’t even affect me.

From such a young age we are expected to know what we want to do with our lives. We are expected to know what job we want, what subjects we should pick. We should have a whole plan set out. Everyday thinking about what I want is hard as it always changes. Getting asked about the future is frustrating, I would like to know as much as you! I hate the feeling of uncertainty; I want to know what I’m doing. I like the phrase live in the present, but it’s frustrating when my brain won’t allow me to.

High School is a strange environment. There are not cliché groups like the popular kids and the geeks in my school, yet somehow a popularity ladder still exists. I think it’s dumb, having to act a certain way so that you can be liked or seen as cool.We should be able to be who we want to be. I won’t remember half of these people after High School has finished. I might not see them ever again. So why try to be someone you’re not when it doesn’t benefit you at all.

Being Judged As A Teenage

Following on from trying to fit in, I hate how people can judge someone before even speaking one word to them. Skinny or fat, tall or short, none of this should matter. We could be confident with ourselves if no one ever body shamed. Body shaming is frequent in high school. I remember an argument between two girls and the only point they could get across is that “OMG you’re such a fatty” and I can never forget “Well you’re just an angin little b*tch!” For those who don’t know, angin is slang for disgusting here up north. It was hard to not laugh at the insults because they were stupid. However, at least the other girl had the decency to not judge her by her body but by her personality. Judge them about how cruel they are, how selfish they are, how heartless they are. I wish people could stop turning a blind eye to others feelings.

I could rant even more about how teenage kids have high expectations. Maybe that is the reason why some suffer from mental health. Maybe the reason why society thinks we are delinquents is because they don’t bother to look deeper. We all have problems going on in life, from the high school drama to family drama. It doesn’t give us an excuse for our mood swings or our bad behaviour. At the end of the day, we are young and we are still learning every day. I hope I speak for others and not just for myself. Let me know if you feel the same way and if you don’t,why?

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