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Gift Guide For Candles Enthusiasts

I love candles and I have grown my collection over the past few months. Particularly ones based off my favourite books, movies and TV shows! Instagram really has introduced me to so many wonderful shops that are my favourites! So if anyone knows a person who loves candles, perhaps introduce them to these candles. I hope this guide will be useful to all of you and be warned that I may get a little too excited and enthusiastic about these candles.

Small Candles Shops

The shops I mention may sell other products that you should check out too! However, in this blog post I’ll be mentioning my favourite candles of theirs! If you know of any other candle shops that you think deserve some love, let me know! I’ve included a few shops here, however please keep in mind that this post can’t be too long! I may have to do a part two to include some more 😉

Madame Fiction

two 4oz candles from madame fiction, wrapped present and relax for gift guide for candles enthusiasts

Madame fiction holds a special place in my heart as it was my first time being a rep (MADDY10 to save at checkout)! for a candle shop! However, I know my opinion might come off as biased, but I am not lying about how amazing these candles are! They are soy based, vegan and cruelty free plus these candles have stunning wooden wicks for that special crackle! There also bundles available, perfect if you’re not sure what candle to buy! Some of my favourites are Luke’s Diner, Fangorn and Woman Of Wonder.

Fictional Boutique

candle and book to all the boys I've loved before, book blogger for a gift guide for candles enthusiasts

Fictional Boutique sells heavenly scented candles as well as other bookish merch such as bookmarks, booksleeves, mugs and even stickers! There are so many to chose from and again they are based off all things bookish. You could even get your own personalised candle or even a bookmark too! What I also love is that you can get matching candles and bookmarks and there are mini collections within this site! I’d highly recommend them and make sure to check out rep codes to save! My own is MADDY10, but I’m seriously telling the truth!

Ruthless Heroines

These candles are absolute stunners from their vibrant colours to their amazing scents, I can’t rate this shop enough! Soy candles based on books, theatre and even mythology, there’s a candle out there for anyone! I would recommend checking out their own Instagram too, you could find yourself some handy discount codes!

Now for those who already have favourite candle shops and simply want to stick to what they know or try out some new ones, then maybe a good old Yankee candle is the way to go! I love them as much as these small brands, however during this time of year, every penny truly helps these business owners out! I also hope I’m not the only one who has a little bit of an obsession with all things cosy and of course candles are included! If you’re looking for other gift guides, I have one up tomorrow to help those young readers out! You could also check out my Instagram where you will see a giveaway as well as scheduled and previous posts!

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