cosy jumpers, socks, books, tea and glasses for blogmas post self care winter pamper night in

Self Care For A Winter Pamper Night In

A pamper night in sounds perfect as it’s the 16th December, less then 10 days until Christmas! I’m a pretty chilled person most of the time, so I thought I would share what a pamper night in is to me. Having time to relax and chill is needed even if it isn’t for long! But remember, a night in could have a different meaning to other people, so you do what relaxes you! Christmas is approaching and of course, everyone may want to look their best! My version of what my best self is that I’m relaxed and feel confident! What do you think your best self is?

cosy jumpers, socks, books, tea and glasses for blogmas post self care winter pamper night in

Pamper Night In = Me Time

I try to have a pamper night in when I know my family won’t disturb me. But as we’re a crazy bunch it’s more then likely that it will not happen. So, you either have to tell them to give you space ( this rarely works in my favour) or you have your pamper night in when everyone is busy. By this I mean everyone could be at work or doing their own thing like watching telly in a different room. Of course, not everyone has to plan ahead and if you don’t I envy you! If you don’t have to deal with these problems, then wow I wonder what a peaceful life must be like?

Set The Mood

So, sometimes I have self care nights for entirely different reasons. Rough day, need to relax. Feel tired, gotta relax. In a good mood, why not relax? What I’m trying to say is that you need to set the mood in what vibe you want for the night. You could put on a peaceful playlist on Spotify, or if you’ve dealt with problems and feel proud of yourself, then a little Beyonce never made anyone feel more empowered.

Comfy Vibes

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Some people may feel relaxed in some cute joggers ( I do too), but I feel way more relaxed in pyjamas. Maybe it’s because I feel like I’m going to sleep and sleep is always a good idea. I also light a few candles, I have a huge collection and I showcase them in a lot of my Instagram pictures. I think some people even know me as the feed that has a bit too many candles. I’m not complaining though! After I’ve got some candles and I’m finally getting in the whole zen mood, I grab all my favourite foods. I’m a foodie so there’s nothing better then comfort food to me!

The Night Has Officially Begun

cosy candles, books, and glasses for blogmas post self care winter pamper night in with postcard i would rather bee reading

If I’m feeling up to it, I may put on a face mask. Others may like to have a whole skincare routine and take a bath too! But as I have zero impatience, I can’t sit still in a bath for long. And I’m not really your go to person for skincare. However, I am your go to person if you need a good book recommendation or if you’re looking for something to watch! Hint: Check out the many blog posts I have done on these topics.

So with my mountain of food and a humongous blanket to keep me company, I think I’m sorted for the night once I’ve grabbed my current read! And then I’ll probably go down the rabbit hole of binge watching.

If you want to read some more self care/ topics I like to rant about, then my thoughts section on my blog will be perfect for you! I’d love to know your thoughts on this post and let me know what your pamper night in is to you! Tomorrows post will actually be discussing some of my favourite candles based on book/movies/ TV shows! Make sure to check in with that and my last post!

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