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Sadie By Courtney Summers: Audiobook Review

The Sadie audiobook was one of the first audiobooks I had listened to and I was not disappointed! Audiobooks are so good to have on the go, I highly recommend them. I have a post discussing whether or not they class as proper books here.

Introduction To Sadie, Audiobook

Sadie has raised her 13 year old sister Mattie as their mother is absent and is a drug addict. She loves Mattie with her everything and will do anything to bring justice to her sister’s killer.

West McCray has a crime podcast and with the help of Sadie’s surrogated grandmother, he discovers truths and secrets as he follows Sadie’s journey.

The audiobook was perfect for this crime podcast, it added even more to this haunting story.

The Plot Of Sadie

Courtney Summers is an incredible writer, she has impacted teen girls minds by not sugarcoating anything, this book is raw and discomforting which is exactly what a good thriller should do. I loved the format of this book, switching between a podcast and first person adds to the uniqueness of this book. It even felt as if I was switching between rooting for Sadie to find the killer and for West to find Sadie. Although I do think the audiobook has influenced my thoughts too. It had a whole cast and even included sound effects during interviews which added to the escapism and my desperate need to know more. However I am tempted to buy the book and see if there is a difference.

The Characters Of Sadie

Courtney Summers included diversity in this book which I am a huge fan of. Sadie has a stutter and it’s interesting to see how it affects her. Although it shows her emotions in a vulnerable light as she struggles to get her words out. It also shows how hard it is for girls who have experienced trauma to let their voice be heard. Sadie’s love for Mattie is so pure and it definitely made me relate to her in that sense. As well as just hoping she got her happy ever after.

West McCray plays the role of a detective as he follows Sadie. This book reveals the ugly truths that society hides and I think that West has never been exposed to it. As he uncovered more of the truth, I appreciated his shock to traumatic events. Shock because these traumatic events are never exposed enough in society.

I had a love, hate relationship with Sadie’s grandmother. She is the one person except for the girls’ mother who knows what horrors Sadie and Mattie have faced. Yet she lets their mother Claire continue to emotionally hurt them and bring home unsafe men. Although as she helps West find Sadie, her love for the girls is evident as well as not knowing the full truth.

I want to keep this review spoiler free so these are the only characters I’ll described in depth! I will say that all of the characters in this book are well rounded and developed.

Conclusion of Sadie, Audiobook

If you’re a fan of thrillers, I highly recommend this book. The ending shook me more and this story continues to leave me with more questions as it confronts with the gruesome truth of society. As for the audiobook aspect, it may be the best one I’ve listened to yet! Before this book, I wasn’t an avid audiobook listener, but now I love listening to them! Bookstagram has also had an influence in that too. If you’ve read this book I’d love to know your thoughts, if not what was your last five star read?

9 thoughts on “Sadie By Courtney Summers: Audiobook Review

    1. Probably one of my favourite audiobooks! I didn’t mind the ending, I think it was realistic as there are probably many girls out there who have had the same story and been forgotten. Although it would have been great for a satifying ending for closure.

  1. I havenโ€™t read this one but sounds good, my last 5 star read was I am Dust by Louise Beech

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