3 Underrated Summer Reads 2019

Good summer reads are hard to find, especially when you’ve read most popular books. I love finding underrated books that deserves more recognition, so I decided to share my top 3 of 2019!¬†There are so many talented that authors need to be found by more people, I figured this would be the perfect opportunity!

1. An Underrated Author And Book: Starfish

Starfish is definitely underrated summer reads 2019! Young girl Kiko just wants to be happy and achieve her dreams to attend the college she’s always wanted to go to. But unsupported parents, ethnicity and insecurities make the journey hard. Readers follow her as she faces problems with fierce determination to make her life better. Another book which represents diversity as Kiko is half white and half Japanese. I’ve done a more in depth review of this here if you’d like to find out more! This book reminds me of summer as Kiko is a girl like many of us who just want to be free and be happy. It’s a great coming of age book too!

2. Chasing The Stars

I already love Malorie Blackman’s Noughts and Crosses series when it’s a world where the coloured are superior to whites. This book series is one that I’ve kept close to my heart as it was even my first ever blog post! Chasing the stars is a sci-fi adventure full of loss, lies and love! It’s a re-imagining of Othello with a protagonist who is a black teenage girl! It’s diverse and at points a bit cheesy for me considering it is supposed to be instant love. I much prefer the relationship between the siblings, but I think others might appreciate Olivia and Nathan’s relationship more!

3. Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine

Last but not least for underrated summer reads 2019! A book that is popular in the UK although I’ve not seen many talk about it over bookstagram and social media in general! The humour is spot on and Eleanor is a relatable introvert although a little odd and is perfectly content with the routine she has in her life. She’s comfortable with her life and is an intelligent woman, but isn’t the best at handling social situation. I’d definitely recommend this to anyone who doesn’t mine an emotion packed book!

The perfect good read is always hard, but I hope I’ve convinced you to add these books to your to be read list! These hidden gems were discovered when I entered Waterstones with no list of books in mind! Sometimes all it takes to find an underrated book is to read an interesting blurb and see how it goes!

How do you discover new books?

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