christmas traditions, books and presents

5 Christmas Traditions That Must Be Global

Christmas is celebrated across the world and with that comes some amazing Christmas traditions, unique to each country! I’ve included a few in this post which I think are pretty cool. Although, to be honest, it would be incredible if this was done globally! Let me know what your Christmas traditions are and if by any chance I have got some facts wrong, let me know as sometimes Google can’t be that trustworthy!

Iceland’s Christmas Eve Traditions, Gifting A Book

christmas traditions, books and presents

As a bookworm and lover, I so wish that every country did this! They exchange books and then spend the evening reading. That’s honestly a nice relaxing activity to do just before the chaos and madness of Christmas Day! Plus there’s nothing more satisfying then adding checking off a book from the to be read list by the end of year.

The Netherlands Gift The Treats

This is such a lovely Christmas Tradition! Sinterklaas is the Dutch name for Saint Nicholas. Children will leave out a shoe by the back door and will wake up to some treats such as gingerbread men, marzipan and chocolate letters! However, the only thing I’d like to add to this tradition is, can it be for adults too? I think this is great to get you hyped up for the day too!

Lanterns In The Philippines

christmas traditions that must be global

In San Fernando, thousands of lanterns illuminate the night sky as it symbolises the star of Bethlehem. It’s even become known as the Christmas Capital of the Philippines! This is such a magical event, something that I think should be celebrated worldwide. I mean who doesn’t love a bit of Tangled vibes?

Forget Christmas Dinner, KFC Has You Sorted In Japan

A lot of countries will have the classic Christmas dinner, however in Japan KFC is the place to go! Although the tradition started in 1974, it’s still going pretty strong today as people line up for hours to get food! A lot of traditions are quite sentimental, this one really isn’t! I still think this would be quite funny and even ridiculous if it was celebrated globally! Seeing everyone lined up at KFC for Christmas dinner would be unforgettable.

Germany Has St Nikolaus’ Day Sorted

Christmas traditions that must be global books and treats

Similar to the Netherlands, Nikolaus travels on the 6th December and leaves treats for children. He even visits children in school, however compromises with children as they must earn their treat by either reciting a poem, singing a song or drawing a picture. Knecht Ruprecht even tags along to keep the children in check, with his fierce appearance and a stick in case one of them misbehaves. I feel like this is Santa making his presence known, the naughty and nice list shouldn’t be forgotten! My blogmas Day 20 even included a bookish naughty or nice list!

I hope this was somewhat interesting to read, I’d love to know your own Christmas traditions and what your country does to celebrate too! Be sure to head over on my Instagram where you can find scheduled and previous posts, plus a giveaway! Thank you for reading and enjoy the rest of your day!

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