small wrapped present, books, stars and sweaters for blog post secret santa gift ideas

Secret Santa Gift Ideas

Finding secret Santa gift ideas can be a tough time, especially when it has been left last minute. This gift guide will provide some ideas that can be put together without too much effort. I think we’ve all been there when we don’t know what to gift a person for secret Santa. So hopefully this guide will be able to help you out!

Secret Santa Gift Ideas: Those Who Are A Little Fussy

Favourite Snacks

You can’t really go wrong with food! Some chocolate bars wrapped in a cool way can seem like a lot of effort has gone into your gift! Pinterest has a ton of ideas for gift wrapping, I even say a tree made out of chocolate bars! At least with this idea, the gift will be put to use and be appreciated!

The Hamper

I mentioned a movie hamper for my gift guide for bookworms and movie geeks, so why not have a hamper that’s not too specific filled with all the goodies? If you’re really struggling, you could put in a few vouchers in there! It could have so many themes too, from gifts all the same colour or to gifts that have the same niche!

Book Themed Anything

stack of red and white books and a mug, ah the element of surprise for blogmas post secret santa gift ideas

There are so many genres out there fiction or non-fiction! A book would be perfect, especially if it is well thought out to what there interests and hobbies are. Plus it could go two ways, sentimental or funny! A few ideas could be self help books, cookbooks or a how to guide!

Secret Santa Gift Ideas: People Who Know What They Like

A Gift Set Or Pamper Set

Department stores is the go to place for these sort of gifts! They’re so easy to buy and all you really have to do is wrap them up! In the UK, Boots is the best for pamper gifts like bath sets, makeup sets or self care sets!

small wrapped present, books, stars and sweaters for blog post secret santa gift ideas

Home Decor

I feel like we can all appreciate those gifts for home. If you know what this person likes, their aesthetics and what their home is like then it shouldn’t be too hard! And there are so many options, especially if you want that cosy vibe! Pillows, throws are gifts I wouldn’t mind receiving. Although, it might be a little hard as pretty much every decor I have seen is Christmas themed!

An Experience Gift

If this person is fussy and knows what they like, then an experience gift is a good idea! If they are into sports then, tickets to see a match would be fun! A bookworm would definitely appreciate seeing Harry Potter world. Or if they love musicals, why not book tickets to go and see one? As well as this, if they are into relaxing and getting that much needed self care, a trip to the spa sounds plausible!

Hope you’ve gained some ideas from this! I’d love to know your thoughts, are you doing secret santa this year? And are you an organised person, or do you leave gifts last minute? Tomorrow is the last day of blogmas, so be sure to check out my Instagram for previous posts and for an ongoing giveaway!

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