bookmarks, a tiny movie clapperboard and a chalkboard which says blogmas day 6: gift guide for bookworms and movie geeks

Gift Guide For Bookworms And Movie Geeks!

Buying gifts can be hard, especially if they’re bookworms and movie geeks as we tend to be a little picky! This gift guide will ensure you can find the perfect gift for them, whether it be handmade or store bought!

Handmade Gifts For Bookworms And Movie Geeks

I can always appreciate a gift that’s been given to me. But if someone has taken the time to make it extra special, it means a lot! Here’s are some ideas to help you out!

bookmarks, a tiny movie clapperboard and a chalkboard which says blogmas day 6: gift guide for bookworms and movie geeks
Bookmarks are from Fictional Boutique, rep code MADDY10 to save!

Bookworms Gifts


It may be the most obvious, but it’s one of the easier options! You could get really creative with bookmarks and I’m sure that putting in the effort to make a handmade gift will be appreciated! From including their favourite quotes (could be from a film if they’re a movie fan too!) to even representing their favourite characters, there are so many ideas you could do!

Invisible Bookshelves

If your bookworm friend likes a more minimal look and loves their room to be cool, this is a perfect gift idea for them! It may be easier if you do the shelf for them, so you can see their confused expression! By simply using a bookend and screwing it into the wall as an upside down L, you have your very own invisible bookshelf!

Movie Geeks Gifts

Movie Clapperboard

This could be store bought too! But to make it have that handmade and personalised look, you could include the movie fans name as well as incorporating their favourite colours too! As sometimes the black and white clapperboard may not be for everyone.

star wars hoodie, cupcakes with wooden letters spelling out star wars a leather bound star wars edition a tiny movie clapperboard for blogmas day 6: gift guide for bookworms and movie geeks

Movie Hamper Set

For your next movie marathon, why not gift your loved one with supplies they might need? This could be personalised a lot and you can include funny inside jokes attached to each item too! You could include their favourite snacks, a movie ticket for the next latest film or even a quirky t-shirt!

Store Bought Gifts For Bookworms And Movie Geeks

With Christmas just around the corner, there might not be time to make a handmade gift! Here are some ideas to help you out!

Bookworm Gifts

Mini Book Necklaces

I have given someone a necklace just like this and they adored it! It’s so personalised and plus whenever they wear the necklace they might be reminded of you too! There are many shops on Etsy that sell cute necklaces like this so I’d recommend checking them out! Or if you really are creative, perhaps you could make your own?

folded books with wooden tree embellishments, in the center is a book necklace which opens up for the post gift guide for bookworms and movie geeks

Book Bath Caddy

This is such a great idea for those bookworms who love to relax too! You could even pair some Lush products or a candle with this gift too! I’ve found a few of these from Amazon, you could get them from most shops! This gift will be so handy too as there’s no risk of a book falling into water!

Movie Geeks Gifts

Smartphone Projector

These don’t cost that much and it’s perfect if you often get together for movie marathons! This gift could go anywhere too! From outside in the garden to inside in the bedroom, I’m sure it will be much appreciated too! Or you could pay a month in advance for their Netflix account! This could also give you an excuse to share their account too 😉

Retro Movie Gifts

There are so many retro gifts out there! You could buy a retro popcorn maker or candy floss maker. Or you could get some decor and buy a film reel clock, table- the possibilities are endless!

I hope this post has proven to be useful! Let me know if you’re thinking of taking these ideas on board to prevent last minute Christmas shopping! My next post will be a 2020 book guide! Make sure you head back here tomorrow! And don’t forget to check out my Instagram as I have an ongoing giveaway as well as my blogmas post from yesterday!

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