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2020 Book Guide

A book guide is something I know a lot of people need. I tend to hear people say that they should get back into reading but they don’t know when to start or how. So with this book guide, your problems will be solved in no time! I’m going to be recommending books that are new releases as well as some old favourites! If you’d like a little bit of a guide of activities to do next year, make sure you check out yesterdays post all about bucket lists!

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But First, Figure Out Your Genre

Before I tell my suggestions, you need to know what books you may be interested in! This might’ve been a past mistake as people have different taste! If your friend loved a book, it doesn’t necessarily mean you will too! To find the right genre for you, think about what type of movies and TV shows you love to watch! Chances are you’ll have the same taste in books too! For example, marvel films are all about action and alternate worlds, so fantasy might be your cup of tea!

Old Favourites: Book Guide

Now on to the book suggestions! Some favourites of mine that perhaps might convince you to fall in love with reading!

The Medusa Project, Sophie McKenzie

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In all honesty, I love all of Sophie McKenzie’s books! She writes books aimed for young adults and has books with different genres too. Including thriller, sci-fi etc. The medusa project is about a scientist who has implanted four babies with the medusa gene. Now that they’re teenagers, their powers have just begun to develop. The humour and action has a great balance and the overall plot of this series is brilliant!

Harry Potter

It may be cliche, but these books definitely did help me fall in love with reading! The magical atmosphere is everything and I love the films too! I’d highly recommend reading these books! If not, reading books that were based on your favourite films could work too!

New Releases: Book Guide

If you like reading books without an opinion already put out there, then new releases are perfect for you!

A Heart So Fierce And Broken

I can’t wait for this book to come out! I’ve already expressed my love for a curse so dark and lonely in my review here, so I won’t repeat myself. All I can say is that if you’re into a fairy tale retelling, this book is for you! Although it’s way more complicated then your typical Beauty and the Beast story.

One Of Us Is Next

I’m so excited for this book to be released! One Of Us Is Lying was an enjoyable read, more on my thoughts with this review here. I also heard the book was being made into a TV series and I’m pretty pumped for that too! This book seems like it may be a spin off, although the characters from the first book are present.

I hope this post has been insightful! Let me know if you’re considering reading any of these books, I’d love to know your thoughts! And if you want to learn more about new releases, tomorrows post is perfect for you! I’m talking about more new releases, so bookworms be prepared! Be sure to check my Instagram too as I have an ongoing giveaway as well as what other posts I have scheduled for December!

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