bucket list for the new year with a notebook and wooden letters dream

A Bucket List For The New Year

After mentioning writing a bucket list in yesterdays blogmas post, I figured I’d share what I’d like to do next year to give you all some ideas! These aren’t really any fancy activities, just something I know I would find fun! Bucket lists are fun to create and doing them with friends and family is even better too! I would’ve created a winter/ Christmas inspired one, however I think that I mentioned a lot of activities on my last post. Plus, with this bucket list you’ll never get bored throughout the year!

bucket list for the new year with a notebook and wooden letters dream

Bucket List: Winter Activities

I’m going to work my way through each season and give ideas on what to do! Although, you don’t have to stick with seasons. Some people have a jar full of these ideas and whenever they feel like doing something, you simply pick one out from the jar!

Ice Skating

Unless you’re an expert in skating, I think we can all admit that we’ve fallen over multiple times whilst ice skating. I guess that’s the fun in it! Who doesn’t like seeing your friends fall over? But if you’re that person who actually does help them up, we all appreciate you. Ice skating is an activity where you can have fun and wrap up warm!

Build A Snow Fort

If you’re brave enough to bare the cold, why not embrace it and build a fort? You could still do this inside too! But I think it could be really cool to build one with snowmen being pillars to help it stand up! And you could do a ton of fun things in there like having a big snack out or binge watching movies! If you want some tips to build a fort, an old post of mine which is called, tips to have the best movie night, might be able to help you!

Spring Activities

Go Strawberry Picking

Fruit picking cam have many benefits including eating which is what we all love. You could make a whole day trip out of fruit picking too! From taking cute Instagram pictures to even baking, I’m sure you will have your hands full with this task!

bucket list for the new year with a book and wooden letters X marks the spot

Scavenger Hunts

Easter is in Spring, but who says scavenger hunts can only be easter themed? Scavenger hunts seem like they would be such a blast to do with friends! It can have so many different themes, suited to anyone too! And if you really do need to convince someone, then perhaps the prize in the end can be a cheeky gift card!

Summer Activities

Go To A Water Park

On the hottest day of summer, it’s always fun to spend the day in water parks so you can cool down. Roller-coasters are the best to go on and to me it’s even funnier when you’re with someone who is a little scared of heights! And to treat yourself afterwards, pizza is always a good idea.

Hide And Seek In A Supermarket

This isn’t really summer themed, but I would still love to do this! Hide and seek was fun when I was a kid, so what’s to say it won’t be fun as an adult?

Bucket List: Autumn Activities

Pumpkin Picking

This is a little similar to strawberry picking, but this time I’m prepping for Halloween pumpkins! Autumn is my favourite season and I always look forward to Starbucks pumpkin spice latte. So, maybe afterwards I might even attempt my own version!

Sunsets, Hot Chocolate and S’mores

Sounds like the perfect combination to me! Just chilling in the cosy vibes of autumn with amazing food is something that I think a lot of us would love to do!

I hope that this list has proven to be useful! Let me know your thoughts and be sure to check in with tomorrows post, gift guide for bookworms and movie geeks!

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