survival kit, festive blanket and pens and pencils for a gift guide for students

Gifts For Students, A Guide

Christmas couldn’t come sooner and to help with last minute buying, I’ve created a guide to help find gifts for students. They seem to be some of the hardest people to buy for, a lot of the time all I will ever see them do is study. So hopefully with this post, you’ll have an idea on what to buy a student. Then you can finally cross off that one difficult person to buy for too!

A Survival Kit

Now this can either be a cute, personalised gift or a mean, jokey gift. Take your pick because either way it’s a funny present and these gifts for students will definitely be a good laugh! A lot of the times, students can complain about the stress of school or how much they hate the people that go to their school. Giving them a survival kit is a fun gift and can show that you listen to their rants about school too. You could include lip balm, gum, earphones, portable charger, playing cards, revision cards, pens , pencils -whatever you can think of!

survival kit, festive blanket and pens and pencils for a gift guide for students


Tomorrows blog post will actually be talking about my favourite games to play this season! But I think this is a really nice idea if you want to get to know your housemates better or if it’s been a really tough day and the internet has been cut off. Plus, I find people’s true colours are revealed when you’re playing a game. I mean you can find out who’s a cheater, who’s competitive and who is loyal too!

books, santa hot chocolate mug and festive vibes for a gift guide for students

Coffee, Tea, Anything To Keep Us Awake

A gift to do with coffee and tea will be much appreciated! We can all relate to those early mornings when you’re so tired you can’t even focus. It’s a struggle, so if you’re able to gift a student a cute thermal mug, or some fancy coffee/ tea, your gift will definitely be used!

A Cookbook So We Aren’t Living On Takeout

Cookbooks are the perfect gifts for students who have just moved out and to be honest needs to stop ordering out or even bringing food from home. It’s a useful gift and will be used a lot too! There are many cookbooks out there that are student budget friendly too. The cookbook can also be a sign that the student needs to stop eating unhealthily. But, we’ve all been there so you can’t really blame them!

A Memorable Gift

If you’re feeling sentimental and have time on your hands, then making a gift full of your favourite memories with them is perfect! You could create a photo collage that they could put up in their dorm room or you could create a bunch of letters dedicated to special moments. For example, have letters that say “Open when you miss home” or “Open when you got the grade you wanted”.

I had a lot of fun coming up with ideas for this blog post so hopefully they’ve proven to be helpful! Make sure to check in tomorrow as I have a blog post all about my favourite games to play this season! As well as yesterdays blogmas post! I’d love to know your thoughts on this and whether you picked up some ideas. Learn more about other scheduled posts by checking out my Instagram too! I hope you all have had a lovely day and remember to spread positive vibes around as well!

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